Monday, 3 February 2020


Dear New Life Church congregation
Thank you very much for your donation of £466 for the Chesterfield Nightshelter. We really appreciate your support in this way and are delighted that you have chosen to support the homeless of Chesterfield. Please pass on our thanks.
Through your support of this work and that of others, last Nightshelter we saw:
- 117 guests access the shelter, and well over 1300 meals provided
- 30 guests confirmed to be housed by local services during the course of the Nightshelter, and around 10 staying with a friend, so no longer street homeless (40 in all)
- 50 guests in new situations and not staying at the shelter any more - to confirm more info with the local authorities/services for a full final statistic
- 178 excellent volunteers on our books, and 10 fantastic employed staff manning our night shifts.
It costs approximately £25 to accommodate one person in the Nightshelter overnight which includes their bedding, food and all necessary to maintain their safety and well-being overnight. We have already welcomed 91 guests through the doors of the Chesterfield Nightshelter this season so your generous donation will be put to good use straight away.
With thanks again for your support and prayers.
Phil Morton
Head of Crisis Support