Monday, 15 July 2019


You will be surprised how many of Lara Martin's songs you already know.  At NLC we regularly sing 'Voice of Hope' but there are many more wonderful worship songs that she has written.
Join us this Sunday 21st July 10.30 am at the Winding Wheel, Chesterfield as Lara leads us in a celebration of worship and shares with us what God has put on her heart.

Please invite your friends and family to come with you - everyone welcome.

Lara's song 'How Amazing'  with lyrics

Monday, 1 July 2019


On the first Monday of each month we gather together to pray. At the moment the meetings are at the Alfreton venue which is Firs Gardens Community Centre off Rodgers Lane in Alfreton DE55 7FU.  It is a prompt 7.30 pm start and 9 pm finish.

We are praying specifically for revival in the church, for the increase of our influence in our community and for spiritual new birth to increase our numbers.  

Everyone is welcome and if you come early Janet will have a cuppa ready for you!


Marcia with her year 6 six class

What's Happening This Summer?

Well, we are so glad you asked!   Here is a quick run down of some of UNiViDA’s activities in recent weeks and what’s ahead for July and August.

Year 6 Class

Marcia is a new teacher who started volunteering at The University of Life. She was such a great addition to the team that we decided we didn’t want to lose her.

Fortunately the opportunity arose for us to create a new afternoon class for year 6, meaning we could divide the previously joined 6th and 7th year group.  Marcia is doing a great job and did we mention, she speaks some English too!

Journalists on the Loose

Year 8 and 9 have taken their learning outside the classroom with a journalism project. This has been a part of a strategic effort by teachers to create hands on learning and language development.

Reading and writing continues to be a struggle for children growing up in the slums who never really develop a love for reading simply because books are so difficult and expensive to come by.

The students have already interviewed Ruth on the subject of project work and have been catching other staff members  off guard for some on the job words of wisdom.

Looking Ahead

Students return to The University of Life in August and even though they don’t know it yet, they will have a visiting mission team to welcome them back.

Hot on the heals of their return we’ll be holding a special event for Fathers Day when we’ll be sharing the Gospel with Dads and holding a football tournament.

I don't like photos (really?!)

Elaine with two of her teachers at The University of Life

Sit Down Elaine

It’s a challenge to keep 12 year old Elaine in one place for very long but with the help of two University of Life teachers, we sat down with her recently to ask a few questions about what the project means to her. This is what she said.

“I’ve been here since I was 6 years old and before that there were so many difficult moments in my life. If I had to talk about my life it would be impossible to do it without talking about The University of Life because it means everything to me.

Here I have found friends and love like I have never known. They have adopted me, care about me and always work with a smile on their face and by giving their best. I’ve found Christ’s love for me and I am eternally grateful.

The University of Life is a real example of unity - it’s a family. I love everything here except or running during PE lessons! My passion is theatre and music. I’ve written 4 songs for the student band, Kadosh. One of the songs is about living a holy life because God is holy. When I grow up, I want to be an actress.

The University of Life is absolutely the best thing that has happened to me in my life. Outside there are a lot of problems but I forget them here and feel like another kind of life is possible. I’m so thankful to the people that had the idea of making this place, it’s given me breath in my lungs.”

Elaine is a bright, energetic girl with many talents. We are so thankful to have her at the project.

Please pray that she will continue to apply herself in her schooling and make good decisions about her time and activities as she enters her teenage years.


A Picture of the Favela

Favelas are characteristic of nearly every major Brazilian city. They are informal housing settlements which are unplanned, un-healthy and un-governed. This means that they are under-served by public services such as healthcare. education and law enforcement.

These communities have learned to govern themselves and become a breeding ground for crime because they are easy to hide in.

Sanitation is poor and disease is rampant. Barefooted children walk in homes and on streets shared with animals, sewage, rodents and waste. Homes are simple and small. Two or three dark rooms house extended families with nowhere else to go. Unemployment is high, as is alcoholism and domestic violence.

Children are exposed to stress, trauma and family breakups, multiple times. Many parents are still teenagers themselves. Hunger is common, and many families survive on a government hand out and food parcel which barely provides rice, beans, oil, coffee and gas to last the month.

Can you imagine the confusion an average teenager here has about their self-worth and citizenship?

Your support helps answer the questions of 260 students each day, equipping them with the skills and character they need to succeed.
We couldn’t do this without you. Thanks for your support.
Become a Dreambuilder - click here to set up a standing order
Become a Dreambuilder - click here to set up a standing order
Please visit and 'like' the UNIVIDA Facebook Page
Please visit and 'like' the UNIVIDA Facebook Page



Dreambuilders is the name of our monthly giving programme because through your support we are able to build the dreams of a child living in the favela.

To set up a standing order and become a Dream BUILDER, download our Giving Form

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Tuesday, 25 June 2019


We always have a great time when we all gather together for a whole church meeting.  This month we are delighted to welcome back Rob & Marion White.  Both have a wealth of experience and godly wisdom to share.  Make sure you are there and try to bring some friends along with you.

Rob White, along with his wife, Marion, lead a church-plant in Wilmslow, Cheshire, England, where Rob was senior minister of the Baptist church until May 2004. Prior to that he was national director of Youth For Christ in the UK. They have been fulfilling a wider ministry, giving input to leaders, leadership teams and churches of all denominations.

Rob and Marion, together with Ben and Deb Cooley, organised a major event in November 2008 called The Stand, which attracted nearly 6,000 people to the Birmingham NEC, out of which they co-founded Hope for Justice, an organisation whose mission is to investigate cases of human trafficking and to rescue the victims. Rob is also a trustee of The Message Trust. He and Marion have three daughters and six grandchildren.

Saturday, 22 June 2019


News from Sri Lanka 
Hiranthi Mendis Reports:

The excellent care given to all of the children in Rainbow Childrens Home is encouraging the home to expand. Each child is put into a family where where there is a mum and a dad for each child. Thus enabling each child to thrive and succeed in life. 
The first children that joined us in 2004 after the Tsunami hit Sri Lanka are now much older and I am pleased to report are thriving. They are all involved in training for employment and / or internships in various industries such as the food industry, printing, carpentry and I am glad to say that it was very fortunate that we are able continue to take care of them until such time as they settle down in their own home. 

The news has spread of the care that the children receive at Rainbow Home and as a result we have been favoured by the judicial authorities and the country's courts looks out for opportunity to send orphaned and traumatised children to be with us. This means that the home is expanding as we are given the priviledged to look after, love and help more children in need.


News from India
Ralph and Renuka Gloeckner reports:
India has voted and against all hopes it is the prime Minister N. Modi who will serve a 2nd tenure having achieved a sensational majority with his anti-secular BJP party. This means for us, the increase in attacks on Christian works may well continue. Despite this we continue to work and help those in need. We have been able to celebrate the graduation of 5 of our children who have successfully finished school. Thank you to those who have sponsored these children through their time at school and helped to enable the children to thrive.
Against all odds and extreme heat, Clara and Johann (volunteers from Germany) still keep themselves happy to serve the children in our home. They nurture skills in sports, game, creativity, English as well as providing love and care to our children who have come out from traumatising circumstances.
While all children at the Homes have sponsors, there are about 40 children in need of sponsorship for their educational help. Please help us and invite your friend to be involved to give a child a better future.


Children in Philippines
Jonathon Lumba reports:
The children sponsored through Help International are all doing well and progressing through their education well. We would like to say a thankyou for your continued support to these children and families.  Your support helps enormously, not only helping to provide a good equation for these children but helps to alleviate the burden of school fees from the family, money which can then be spent on other neecessities the family need


Farming in Gweru
Chalres Kudzerema reports:

Despite all the challenges faced in the country, the farm in Gweru is producing good crop which has been enabled to feed the villages in the local area. Every year we are able to  donate more than 100Kgs of maize seed to widows and orphans in Insukamini were we have got one of our rural congregation

The 65m deep borehole that Help International enabled has got plenty of water to see us through even through the years of drought. The project employees four full time workers and hires more than 10 casual labourers.. The borehole continues supplying the surrounding community with fresh clean water to cater for the domestic needs, we have nicknamed it Jacob's well.

However in times of the countries challenges people try to get their hands on anything to sell and make their means meet. As a result the copper pipes that are used to water the crops has been stolen. This means the irrigation system installed last year has been broken.

Help International are standing with Charles seeking wisdom for the next step and the best course of action to help the farm continue to thrive.