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We're Ready For You 2020
We’ve got muscles, talent, passion, singers, dancers, faith, entrepreneurs, footballers and much more.  However, before we kick off the new year, we just have to congratulate our students on their achievements in 2019. We had 15 graduates in year 9 and record pass rates from our students in their state school exams.
Well done to our arts students who performed a spectacular Christmas musical called ‘The Mystery of Christmas’, starring Jane Blonde, a curious reporter trying to unravel the story of the birth of Jesus.
There are 260 students and their families all looking forward to the opportunities The University of Life has to offer this new year.
New Year Resolution - Become a 2020 Dreambuilder
Congratulations to our all students who participated in our Christmas musical. Watch on You Tube.
New Staff
We are in the process of making a few changes to our line up of teachers. We have staff stepping up into new roles and new challenges. Lisiane is moving from year 3 to be our year 4 teacher and Raquel is moving from year 4 to a completely new position in administration and accounting.
In addition we are recruiting and training some new staff and are excited to see our young teachers growing into a strong professional team.

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Revision and Review
The University of Life offers an additional 20 hours per week of quality Christian education to children aged 7-14. The needs of our 11-14 year olds are constantly changing as they face instability in the state school system where they study for 4 hours a day.
When they arrive with us, they want help with their homework but also need support to negotiate life as a teenager in the complicated social world of the slums. We are looking at how we balance academic support with the need for character, skills development and discipleship.
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January is Celia’s last month with us because she is retiring and taking up another important role of caring for her mother. We will dearly miss her strength, matriarchal love and vibrant faith.
As you can imagine this role has been no small task and Celia has competently brought stability, management and organization into the main office ever since!
Celia began working for Marc as a teacher almost twenty years ago. She quickly fell in love with the work of The University of Life but not so much with the role of being a teacher. In 2002 she became the secretary, working with parents, registering children, bookkeeping and keeping up with all the other administration required by the project.
Thank you Celia for your years of dedication and service,
we wish you a wonderful retirement.
Olaf in the Tropics Photo Competition
This little chap arrived at The University of Life in December and he’s been stoically spending Fortaleza’s non-winter with the kids.
He became the subject of a very emotional (this is Brazil!) photo competition where entries had to represent the different activities and services UNiViDA provides in Brazil. This was the winning entry from our year 3 class.
Please visit and 'like' the UNIVIDA Facebook Page
Please visit and 'like' the UNIVIDA Facebook Page
Climate Change In Our Back Yard
The picture below you how close the favela is to our classrooms. This kind of construction against the main perimeter wall of the project is having a significant impact on the circulation of wind and average temperature of the compound. We have an urgent need to plant trees that will provide privacy and shade.
We have proposals from local business' for tree planting and for the installation of solar panels to help reduce our growing electricity bills. 
If you think you can help by giving, fundraising or helping UNIVIDA with grant writing, please let us know.

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Dreambuilders is the name of our monthly giving programme because through your support we are able to build the dreams of a child living in the favela. 

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