Saturday, 2 November 2019


We are so proud of the commitment of both Ben & Talita Bentley to the cause of Hope for Justice and the vulnerable people that the charity rescues and supports.  Talita has been invited to join the Board of Directors whilst Ben has just returned from the Extreme Challenge. 

"The Extreme Challenge team are trekking (have trekked) Kilimanjaro to fund freedom in October 2019! This arduous seven-day hike is being attempted by a group of volunteers determined to see an end to modern slavery by fundraising for Hope for Justice."

Ben personally has exceded his target of £5,000 whilst the team as a whole are hoping to raise an amazing £0.25 million. He says:

"Playing handball with some of the girls who have been rescued by Hope for Justice from the streets of Addis Ababa - some not much older than Esther trafficked as domestic slaves and into street sex work - brought home the impact this work is having."

Our money trail from the ground floor of the Winding Wheel up to the Ballroom contributed £120.19 to the total.  Well done, Ben & everyone for showing your support.