Monday, 13 November 2017


New Irrigation in Zimbabwe
Your generosity and giving this term has enabled us to buy a new Irrigation system for the thriving farm in Gweru, Zimbabwe. To ensure that that farm continues to be a blessing to the local people and area, the irrigation system of more than 10 years needed replacing. 
Through your giving Help International has enabled this to happen. 
Charles Kudzerema reports on how your giving has enabled lives to be transformed in the local area:

' I am happy to share with you that then project has been and still is a great blessing to my family and the surrounding community.  

The bore hole and the new irrigation system is a great blessing to the community.  Being the deepest borehole in the area, it boasts a lot of water underground, even during the hottest months when the other boreholes have dried up.  Due to this the and the local city council failing to supply water to the local people, we have many from the local area come to draw water from our borehole.

Friends, this last winter was one of the hottest we've had for a long time, we were the only people in the local area being able to grow tomatoes in Gweru.  What a blessing it was to be able to supply to the whole of Gweru!  The irrigation project enables families to meet all the basic human needs.

Every year Gladys and myself help ten orphaned families with 10 kg of maize seed using the money from the irrigation project and when the need arises the farm provides food for those who cannot afford.  The project employs three full time persons and hires more than ten casual workers to assist in season, providing employment to local people.'
We would like to extend a  big thank you to all that gave to enable this project to continue, your giving has helped to provide basic needs for food and water and provided employment for many families in the surrounding areas.