Thursday, 6 April 2017


Traditionally the Sunday before Easter is celebrated as Palm Sunday.  The day when Jesus the King of all Kings rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.  People shouted and danced to welcome the one who came 'in the name of the Lord'.  They threw their coats on the floor to make the donkey's way easier. They grabbed palm leaves to wave like flags and called out 'Hosanna.'

Literally, hosanna means “I beg you to save!” or “please deliver us!”  I wonder if any of them realised what they were asking of Jesus or understood, like he did, what that salvation was going to cost him personally.

Let's come this Sunday as we gather to worship with grateful hearts, knowing the price Jesus paid for us.  How much more should we, who have received his grace and mercy, come with singing, dancing and shouts of victory.  Jesus did all that was needed to save us.  He has delivered us from every sin that separated us from God.  All we have to do is turn our hearts towards him and receive his gift of new life.