Monday, 25 July 2016


We all love our Sunday morning gatherings with time to worship, learn and share together. Those times are a priority for us.  However, to get to know people well we have our mid-week home groups which meet in homes across the town.  Friendships develop as we get to know each other better. Home group is a safe place to open up among friends who will support and encourage you. It's a good place to try something new and learn together. Whether it's a bible study or discussion over a meal, it is through interacting with others that we grow and mature in Christ.

Most of our home groups meet in the evening which is best for the majority of us.  But, there are some people who find coming out in an evening difficult or if childcare or shift work is an issue it may prove impossible.  If that's you, I have good news!  Dave is planning to start a new home afternoon home group at his home in Hady at 2pm on Wednesdays starting from September 14th.  
If you are interested please contact Dave to let him know 01246 200768