Wednesday, 24 February 2016


We are delighted to be welcoming
Andrew Murray back to Chesterfield

'The Day of God's Power'
Saturday 5th March 7.30pm
The Winding Wheel
We know that every day is a day when God's power is at work in our lives for our benefit. Sometimes, though, to get a breakthrough we have to draw a line and step over it in faith, coming to God believing this is our day. If that's you, then this evening is for you. We will be praying for a breakthrough in your situation, for healing in body and mind and for those who want to know Jesus as Saviour and Lord. It's going to be an amazing time - why not invite your friends and come along?
Andrew and Laura will also be with us on Sunday morning 10.30am at our whole church meeting at the Winding Wheel.