Saturday, 12 December 2015


We had a great time in November when Andrew Murray came to speak at our Sunday meeting.  He had just returned from Mexico where God had done a lot of amazing things amongst church leaders, in healing and salvation.There follows a report with more details for you to enjoy.  We have Andrew back with us on Sat 5th and Sun 6th March next year.  Please pray towards that weekend and get to work thinking about who you could invite along.

Mexico 2015 Mission Report  

In November 2015, Generation Builders partnered with Revive Church for a week long mission trip to Uruapan in Mexico. Evangelist Andrew was joined by members of Revive Church plus campus pastor Jonathan Whitehouse as well as Pastor Rene Rocha from Heritage Fellowship in the USA. 

We saw God do incredible things with many lives changed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Here is Andrew’s report:

Our host was Pastor Salomon Valdez and our first service in Mexico was in his church: Uruapan Revival Center on a Wednesday night. 

I spoke on pursuing the anointing from the life of Elisha and we had a great time in God’s presence, with the Holy Spirit touching many people. It was especially amazing to see many young people and even unbelievers having encounters with God.

On Wednesday and Thursday morning we held pastor’s conferences in a hotel suite that had been hired. These two mornings were the undoubted highlight of the trip as God did incredibly significant things.

 We had been told prior to arriving that historically there had been a lot of division among churches, with pastors very rarely coming together to meet or work with each other. It was in this backdrop of hostility that we were ministering. Over 100 leaders gathered from all kinds of denominations and backgrounds from very strict conservative type churches, to churches that were much more liberal. It would need a true outpouring from God to break through all these different groups.

On the first day I spoke on “joy” sharing on how God’s joy is our strength and then prophesying over the city that they would rejoice as men rejoice at harvest time. As I invited people forward for prayer, there was a rush to the altar as the vast majority of the pastors were desperate for God to touch them. The fire of God began to fall on these leaders with many being refreshed, healed, set free and restored.

The second day was described by Pastor Salomon as “historic” and later he said he felt like he was dreaming because of what God did. As I ministered, the altar was packed as pastors and leaders lay weeping in repentance and rededicating themselves to God’s service. Afterwards, in a powerful form of unity the leaders ministered to each other, but I encouraged them to pray for those who were from different denominations or church affiliations. God did an amazing work of healing in this city, bringing true unity and restoration. It was an honour to see God at work.

The evening gospel crusades were done within the shadow of the “Day Of The Dead” festival which had taken place just days before. As the nation had come together to celebrate and worship death, we stood on the promise of God’s word that “The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the shadow of death a light has dawned.” (Isaiah 9)

On the first evening around 700 people gathered, with around 100 of those responding to the gospel. There were many healing's including a woman who had had pain in her knees for 5 years being instantly healed, people throwing away walking canes and demons being cast out.

The second night was another incredible service with many salvations, impartations and encounters. One amazing testimony was that of a blind lady who was instantly healed during the ministry time. The woman was in total shock. She had been blind for over 2 years because of diabetes. Remarkably the woman was from California, USA and was only in Mexico on holiday!

On the Saturday we held a conference for youth and teenagers. Pastor Jonathan Whitehouse shared his testimony of deliverance from drug addiction and around 30 young people came forward to receive Christ as Saviour. Then another 200 or so young people came out wanting the power of God. The fire of God fell on these hungry youth and the meeting was extended as God’s presence was just touching lives.

On the Sunday, the team split up, with the ladies from Revive church ministering in one church and Pastor Jonathan ministering in 3 different churches. I spoke in 2 churches. The church I spoke at in the morning was led by Pastor David Rice, who translated in many of the services. His church were holding a “Bring a Friend Sunday” and many new people responded to the gospel. The altar was so full at the end of the message, that I couldn’t physically get to everyone to lay hands on them. We trusted that the presence of God would minister and it did.

We had an incredible few days in Mexico with God moving in such power. Already we are planning to return in 2016 but this time doing a tour of the region, with a repeat of the format (day time Pastors meetings, evening gospel crusades) in several different cities. Please continue to join us in prayer as we contend for a great harvest of souls in these days.