Monday, 2 November 2015


Can you remember what it was like the last time you went somewhere on your own for the first time?  It doesn't matter how confident a person you are, it can be daunting to walk into a place you have never been to before and into a group of people that you don't know.  We really don't want anyone to feel like that when they come to NLC. 

We have a wonderful team of Stewards who are ready with a friendly smile to welcome people as they arrive and direct them to our meeting room. They can answer questions about the meeting, point out the facilities and introduce them to someone from our Welcome Team.  It's an important job and that first impression can make all the difference to how quickly someone feels at home with us.

So, have you been wondering how you could serve?  Well if so, being a Steward is a very good place to start and a great place to learn how to serve others.  If you can be ready with a smile and take an interest in people you can do this job and it's a great way to get to know people in the church better too.

If you would like to volunteer or would like more information let us know.