Sunday, 1 December 2013


In Chesterfeld this morning God spoke to us during the worship about being safe and secure in him regardless of the situations we might be facing.  He is our rock and our refuge.  Derek told of the time he and a friend decided to swim out to sea to look back on the bay and headland.  They soon realised when they were in open water that the pull of the tide was more than a match for their swimming strength and they were being drawn out to sea.  Derek turned and began to swim against the tide towards a rock.  To his surpise he found he was making headway because the rock itself was affording him some protection.  They both eventually reached the rock and climbed up onto it and he remembers how relieved he was to feel safe.  We need to live in that place of safety, firmly established through the word of God on Jesus our Rock and know that security whatever else is going on around us.

Talita brought a strong challenge to us to be a people of God's word because we are all engaged in a spiritual battle and we need a sharp sword to be effective.  We need to live by the word to release it's power in our lives to live in victory and to be able to rescue others who need God's help through us.

Ben's preach was entitled 'Walking With the Lord.  A Hitchiker's Guide'. We are made Spirit, Soul and Body.  When Soul and Body have their way we cut ourselves off from our connection with God and lose sight of who we are and the authority God has given us.  When Spirit in relationship with the Holy Spirit through God's word has Lordship, our lives become more God focused and he is able to direct us in line with his will which is guaranteed victory and blessing.