Sunday, 29 September 2013


As I was upgrading the operating system of my phone, I felt The Lord say the following:
It is time to upgrade and update your operating system.  No longer must you be content with a mixture of Spirit and flesh because the two don't mix, they oppose.  Receive a new download of My Spirit, which is your new operating system, for there is much that I want to take you into but you must receive a new infilling of My Spirit if you are to operate fully and freely in the days ahead.  There are things coming which will make no sense to the natural mind, so upgrade now!

Be people of My Word and My Spirit.  Remember that friendship with the world is enmity with Me.  Draw near to me in faith and be refreshed in My Spirit.  Tune in again!  Live in My Word and live freely, for My Kingdom shall be established in fullness.  Only people of the Word and Spirit will bring the Kingdom to bear in these days so receive a new download of grace, love and walk in the truth.

Peter Topliss
(Whole Church Meeting 29/9/13)