Monday, 1 June 2020


Read Psalm 25 (TPT) out loud to yourself as a declaration:

1 Forever I will lift up my soul into your presence, Lord.
2 Be there for me, God, for I keep trusting in you.
Don’t allow my foes to gloat over me or
the shame of defeat to overtake me.
3 For how could anyone be disgraced
when he has entwined his heart with you?
But they will all be defeated and ashamed
when they harm the innocent.
4 Lord, direct me throughout my journey
so I can experience your plans for my life.
Reveal the life-paths that are pleasing to you.
5 Escort me along the way; take me by the hand and teach me.
For you are the God of my increasing salvation;
I have wrapped my heart into yours!
6–7 Forgive my failures as a young man,
and overlook the sins of my immaturity.
Give me grace, Lord! Always look at me
through your eyes of love—
your forgiving eyes of mercy and compassion.
When you think of me, see me as one you love and care for.
How good you are to me!
8 When people turn to you,
they discover how easy you are to please—so faithful and true!
Joyfully you teach them the proper path,
even when they go astray.
9 Keep showing the humble your path,
and lead them into the best decision.
Bring revelation-light that trains them in the truth.
10 All the ways of the Lord are loving and faithful for those who follow the ways of his covenant.
11 For the honour of your name, Lord,
never count my sins, and forgive them all—
lift their burden off of my life!
12 Who are they that live in the holy fear of God?
You will show them the right path to take.
13 Then prosperity and favour will be their portion,
and their descendants will inherit all that is good.
14 There’s a private place reserved for the lovers of God,
where they sit near him and receive
the revelation-secrets of his promises.
15 Rescue me, Lord, for you’re my only hero.
16 Sorrows fill my heart as I feel helpless, mistreated—
I’m all alone and in misery!
Come closer to me now, Lord, for I need your mercy.
17 Turn to me, for my problems seem to be going from bad to worse.
Only you can free me from all these troubles!
18 Until you lift this burden, the burden of all my sins,
my troubles and trials will be more than I can handle.
Can’t you feel my pain?
19 Vicious enemies hate me.
There are so many, Lord. Can’t you see?
20 Will you protect me from their power against me?
Let it never be said that I trusted you
and you didn’t come to my rescue.
21 Your perfection and faithfulness are my bodyguards,
for you are my hope and I trust in you as my only protection.
22 Zealously, God, we ask you
to come save Israel from all her troubles,
for you provide the ransom price for your people!

1 What kind of situation is David facing? Certain or uncertain times? Is he pleading to change God's mind or reminding himself about the God he knows?

2 What do you think it means to entwine your heart with God's? In other translations 'wait on the Lord'

3 David acknowledges he made mistakes in the past, why does he want God to direct him now? Why is it the humble who are shown the right path?

4 Can you see the verses where David asks God to see him in Jesus?

5 What is the 'holy fear of God'? v12

6 Will you make time for v14 today?

7 In how many ways is God your hero? How about writing a list of the 'super' ways he has come to your rescue like no one else ever could.

8 How is David seeking protection from his enemies?

9 This Psalm was written as an acrostic with each verse beginning with the letters of the Hebrew alphabet in order. The translators have tried to replicate the feel of this using our alphabet. In verse 1 read 'forever' as 'always,' then see if you can find the other letters in order in the following verses down to 'zealously' in the last. (There's no X)

10 Have a go at writing your own acrostic. Write the 26 letters of the alphabet down the left side of your page. Begin each sentence of your psalm with the next letter. Use it to tell God how you are feeling and to declare who he is like David did. It would be great to hear your psalm. Anybody brave enough to video themselves reading it and post it?

Jacky Kendrew