Friday, 22 May 2020


God views us from a very different perspective than we often view ourselves.

1 Samuel ch 16 v 1-13

The prophet Samuel is sent to anoint a new king over Israel from the family of Jessie who had seven sons obviously perceived by their father as men to be proud of. He actually had an eighth son who, according to the scripture, was the runt of the brothers.

From his human point of view Samuel viewed each of the accepted seven sons believing he could see possible potential for kingship in each of them, but God did not look at their stature, looks or mental ability, only at their characters. After checking them all and getting a negative response from God for them, one by one the prophet asked for another son, so being allowed to meet David.

David did not look like a king, but God could see that in His hands he was definitely the right person.

David had developed his character alone in the desert tending sheep and not by seeking the approval of men and what he had gained had obviously pleased God.

So often we look at ourselves and others from a limited human understanding either believing God will be impressed with what impresses us or will reject who we would reject.

During this time of lock-down we have had time to learn from God alone and to develop new skills which are all for a purpose so that when He calls us we will recognise our worth is according to Him and nobody else.

David is referred to throughout the Bible as the greatest king who ever lived, so it is obvious that God does not make mistakes in who He chooses. Let’s be ready to fulfil the rest of our lives with Him.

Heather Walker.