Wednesday, 1 April 2020


Some of you will have heard Dave and Joy Spencer singing the praises of Spring Harvest - some may have been in the past and know how good it is.  Do you want the bad news or the good news?  Let's just go for the good news!  This year Spring Harvest is going to be available online April 13th - 17th.
Watch the video for more details but you will be able to watch on Facebook and on their You Tube channel.  What a great title "UNLEASHED - the Acts Church Today!"


Hi everyone, God is good!
Here are a few studies from our leaders in New Life Church, maybe one a day?
We want you to know that you are loved by us. We continue to pray for you, strengthen you and help you in your faith in Jesus

God’s blessings and lots of love.

8. Being

In the 9 days that I was at the hospital when my Mum was gravely ill. There was not much to do other than ‘be’ with her. As a person who is always busy this was a strange concept for me, but in the last few days of her life I had plenty of time to think and realised that just being there for her, talking to her, singing, praying, reading to her and simply just sitting quietly was enough. There was very little I could do, BEING with her was the most important thing.

This made me think about my relationship with God. As we read about Martha and Mary in Luke 10: 38-42 Martha busied herself with lots of jobs, but Mary chose the better thing…to BE with Jesus.
We are human BEINGS, not human doings, for me I am realising more that I need to BE with Jesus, not always be doing things for him (although this is not wrong)
In Exodus 3:14 God says: ‘I AM WHO I AM’. This is the present tense, God is with us now, this is a state of being.

Jesus tells us in John 14:20: ‘I am in my Father and you are in me and I am in you.’ As this is the case, we just need to settle ourselves daily and BE with Jesus, BEING in HIS presence.
Psalm 46: 10 says ‘Be still and know that I am God’. Sometimes we just need to BE STILL in His presence.

We are created to have a relationship with God through Jesus and we all have access to this… how much we give ourselves to BEING with him is up to us.

Psalm 27:4 
 One thing I ask from the Lord,
    this only do I seek:
that I may dwell in the house of the Lord
    all the days of my life,
to gaze on the beauty of the Lord
    and to seek him in his temple.

John 15:1-17 Jesus tells us to abide in HIM.
In this current time we probably have more time available to BE in His presence. There may be lots of jobs we can do but let’s just take the time to BE with him.
We sometimes sing a song by Noel Richards it goes like this:

To be in your presence
To sit at your feet
When your love surrounds me
And makes me complete
This is my desire, o Lord
This is my desire
This is my desire, o Lord
This is my desire
To rest in your presence
Not rushing away
To cherish each moment
Here I would stay
This is my desire, o Lord
This is my desire………. X4

Let’s make it our desire to BE with Jesus more in everything and be even more aware of His presence in our lives.

Gill Rowe.


7. Jonah (specifically ch1-2)
I was thinking about the current situation of-confinement the other day and began to consider Jonah in the belly of a great fish. 
How amazing is God almighty that He was able to enable Jonah to breath from inside a creature which does not require air and swims constantly under the ocean.

To prevent him from being digested by the fish’s normal mechanism, or from being killed by the pressure of the body or water.

To survive in pitch blackness and through the turmoil of movement as the creature swam around.

Even in such a terrible place Jonah realised that God was there with him and ready to lift him up again. As he began to pray from the depths the Lord immediately came to his rescue and made the fish deliver him to a safe place on dry land.

Within the whole account God never changes in His attitude of love for people or His desire for His servant to obey Him.

I believe this an illustration of Father’s ability to keep us through this crisis and any other problem we may face in the future.

The time afforded is giving opportunity for thought and reflection on being His children and His servants and preparing us for the new challenges ahead.

It is worth reflecting on Jonah’s response towards God’s grace to the people of Nineveh after all that Jehovah had done for him and making a concerted effort not to follow in his footsteps!

Heather Walker.


Hi everyone, God is good!
Here are a few studies from our leaders in New Life Church, maybe one a day?
We want you to know that you are loved by us. We continue to pray for you, strengthen you and help you in your faith in Jesus.

God’s blessings and lots of love.


READING Exodus 14 and15

This is one of my favourite verses in the bible.
It speaks of victory over the enemy.
The Israelites were in what seemed an impossible situation, their enemy was behind them and the
Red Sea in front. There seemed to be no way of escape!

In Chapter 14 v 13 Moses encourages the people to not be afraid but to stand firm and see the
Deliverance the Lord would bring that day and to be still.
We could say we are in a similar position, but we can take hold of these words of encouragement.
God made a way through the sea for the Israelites and he will do the same for us.

The enemy was defeated that day.
As Moses stretched out his hands to the sea, we can stretch our hands towards the Lord,
Keep praying don't give up!
When the Israelites had crossed the sea on dry ground and their enemy was defeated
Moses, Miriam and all the Israelites sang to the Lord,
A song of victory,
A song of God’s deliverance,
A song of God’s salvation.
He is my strength, my song and my salvation!
I know in my own life God has come through for me, in what seemed to be impossible situations.
He will do the same again, he is faithful and true to His word and He will do the same for you .

Thank-you Lord that you are in control,
Sovereign over every situation,
we can trust you.
I choose to stand firm in my faith in you,
truly you are my strength, my song and my salvation
Think of times the Lord has come through for you
Further study - Psalm 118

Jill Kuzniarz.


5. Do it!     

Philippians 4:9 (BBE) [9] The things which came to you by my teaching and preaching, and which you saw in me, these things do, and the God of peace will be with you.

If we don’t do something it won’t bring a result

This is a picture of my allotment, not a lot in it, I haven't begun to work on it yet! There are a few
leeks in it to be gathered but that's all. If I just leave it, things will grow. There are raspberries, blackberries, asparagus, globe artichokes and rhubarb, among other things. All will produce fruit but if I don't tend them it will be less than if I do feed and weed them. What will happen if I do nothing is that the things I don't want to grow will come up in abundance, and if left, take over and make tending it much harder work and suppress the fruit from the things I want.
I need to put into practice what I have learned over the years for it to bear fruit in the future. I know what to do but if I can’t be bothered, I’m too busy or try to take short cuts, the results will be lessened.

Philippians 4:8 (BBE) [8]
For the rest, my brothers, whatever things are true, whatever things have honour, whatever things are upright, whatever things are holy, whatever things are beautiful, whatever things are of value, if there is any virtue and if there is any praise, give thought to these things.
These are the things Paul encourages us to do so that “the God of peace will be with you” Focus on the good and the positives.
This is also a picture of my allotment I didn’t plant it I don’t feed it in fact I have put no work into it
but each year it bursts into flower. It reminds me that God gives us so much for free it’s just His goodness. But we also reap what we sow so let’s sow good things!!!.

John Wilcoxson.


Hi everyone, God is good!
Here are a few studies from our leaders in New Life Church, maybe one a day?
We want you to know that you are loved by us. We continue to pray for you, strengthen you and help you in your faith in Jesus.

God’s blessings and lots of love

4. Who am I?

Psalm 139:16 ‘You saw me before I was born.’ (TLB)
Everything at this time is all very strange. It can lead to feelings of wondering who we are.  Our identity is usually rooted in our profession, our occupation or our position in life. – ‘I’m Fred’s mum; he’s Sarah’s dad; I’m a doctor; he’s Jenny’s father-in-law’, etc.  When the children we little, I’d often have long conversations with other people, but only know them as my daughter’s friends mum! We’re a parent – but can’t see our children if they have homes of their own; we’re a son/daughter, but can’t see our parents; we’re a teacher, but can’t do ‘school’ as normal; we work in a factory, but can’t go to work; we’re a cleaner but can’t go and clean the offices; we’re an accountant, musician, waitress, but not needed! 

God doesn’t see who we are as being associated with our job, or status, or even in the terms of our relationship with others. As the verse says: ‘You saw me before I was born.’  God knows who we are. He knew who we were before we were born – Psalm 139:13 says ‘you created my inmost being, you knit me together in my mother’s womb’. 

God wants us to be all that He made us to be – or you can swap that sentence around – God made us to be all that He wants us to be.  He’d already knew the plans and purposes he had for you, before you were born, and created you to be fully one of the sons of God.

In Romans 8 we read about the sons of God coming into their own:- ‘The whole creation is on tiptoe to see the wonderful sight of the sons of God coming into their own.’ (Romans 8:19 JB Phillips version).  You are a son of God and the whole of creation is waiting for you to know that fully, and live in the fullness of all that this means.

Know who you are in Christ. You are a son of God – whether you’re male or female, you are a son.  If you are in Christ, you are His son.  You need to learn to live in your identity as one of the sons of God.  All the resources of heaven are at your disposal, God’s power and riches are waiting for you to use. 

Whatever you might be feeling at the moment, remember that you are not an orphan, with no identity.  You are a child of God – now begin to live in the fullness of that fact!

Further study – Romans 8!

Something to do – spend a few minutes writing a list about yourself – what makes you, you?  What gifts, talents, resources, has God given you?  Then look at what you have written and ask God how those things can be used in the current circumstances. Just because you have used your gift in one way, see how you could use it in a way that is more suited to the way we’re living today.  For example, if you have the gift of talking – ring people up and let them know you’re thinking of them.  God has made you unique, and He wants to use that uniqueness for His service and the expansion of His Kingdom.

Jane Bentley.