Monday, 4 November 2019


Helping Widows & Orphans

Charles Kudzerema reports,

The farming project in Gweru continues to be a shining star in the area. Even in the most difficult times for the country, the farm continues to bless the locals through full time employment, casual labour and helping the widows and orphans with food. Recently we have started to help a few individuals by buying maize seed for them to attain food security and some to start Self Help Income projects.

Farm In Gweru producing crop, providing work for the locals and helping to provide food security through Self Help Income projects.

Due to the changing weather patterns from climate change, Zimbabwe has faced many droughts over a five year period and the Zimbabwe Electricity Company has increased its rate by 600 percent. This can make it challenging to irrigate all the crops at any given time. To continue the good work we are working towards saving to install solar panels to enable solar energy to be used along side the water irrigation.