Monday, 4 November 2019


  Children Pass with Flying Colours

We are pleased to celebrate with 12 families and children from India who have completed their education and passed their final exams. Many of these children have been sponsored to help with their education for many years. As part of their sponsorship, a Trust Fund is a collected whereby £5 from the sponsorship money every month is saved and given as a lump sum at the completion of the Child's education. We are pleased to give all of these children their Trust Fund collected over the years of their sponsorship. The Trust Fund enables each child to begin their next step with a little helping hand. 

Ralph Glockener explains how the project in India works with the poorest of families to provide tools for children to come out of their situation in the future. 

'This project reaches out to children from poor families, who are not able to afford either school fees, or the necessary study equipment. Such families rather send their children to work or leave them stealing. Once registered with our project, these children receive support for their schooling. After school, they gather at our centres for tuition, where our staff help them to also develop creative and spiritual skills. Through regular contact with school and parents, this programme has a direct impact on social change.'

There are many more children that are in need of sponsorship. If you would like to find out more on how you can sponsor a child please click the link below. 
Click HERE to find out about child sponsorship
Click HERE to see a break down of where your child sponsorship money goes