Saturday, 22 June 2019


Farming in Gweru
Chalres Kudzerema reports:

Despite all the challenges faced in the country, the farm in Gweru is producing good crop which has been enabled to feed the villages in the local area. Every year we are able to  donate more than 100Kgs of maize seed to widows and orphans in Insukamini were we have got one of our rural congregation

The 65m deep borehole that Help International enabled has got plenty of water to see us through even through the years of drought. The project employees four full time workers and hires more than 10 casual labourers.. The borehole continues supplying the surrounding community with fresh clean water to cater for the domestic needs, we have nicknamed it Jacob's well.

However in times of the countries challenges people try to get their hands on anything to sell and make their means meet. As a result the copper pipes that are used to water the crops has been stolen. This means the irrigation system installed last year has been broken.

Help International are standing with Charles seeking wisdom for the next step and the best course of action to help the farm continue to thrive.