Saturday, 22 June 2019


News from Sri Lanka 
Hiranthi Mendis Reports:

The excellent care given to all of the children in Rainbow Childrens Home is encouraging the home to expand. Each child is put into a family where where there is a mum and a dad for each child. Thus enabling each child to thrive and succeed in life. 
The first children that joined us in 2004 after the Tsunami hit Sri Lanka are now much older and I am pleased to report are thriving. They are all involved in training for employment and / or internships in various industries such as the food industry, printing, carpentry and I am glad to say that it was very fortunate that we are able continue to take care of them until such time as they settle down in their own home. 

The news has spread of the care that the children receive at Rainbow Home and as a result we have been favoured by the judicial authorities and the country's courts looks out for opportunity to send orphaned and traumatised children to be with us. This means that the home is expanding as we are given the priviledged to look after, love and help more children in need.