Saturday, 22 June 2019


News from India
Ralph and Renuka Gloeckner reports:
India has voted and against all hopes it is the prime Minister N. Modi who will serve a 2nd tenure having achieved a sensational majority with his anti-secular BJP party. This means for us, the increase in attacks on Christian works may well continue. Despite this we continue to work and help those in need. We have been able to celebrate the graduation of 5 of our children who have successfully finished school. Thank you to those who have sponsored these children through their time at school and helped to enable the children to thrive.
Against all odds and extreme heat, Clara and Johann (volunteers from Germany) still keep themselves happy to serve the children in our home. They nurture skills in sports, game, creativity, English as well as providing love and care to our children who have come out from traumatising circumstances.
While all children at the Homes have sponsors, there are about 40 children in need of sponsorship for their educational help. Please help us and invite your friend to be involved to give a child a better future.