Tuesday, 25 June 2019


We always have a great time when we all gather together for a whole church meeting.  This month we are delighted to welcome back Rob & Marion White.  Both have a wealth of experience and godly wisdom to share.  Make sure you are there and try to bring some friends along with you.

Rob White, along with his wife, Marion, lead a church-plant in Wilmslow, Cheshire, England, where Rob was senior minister of the Baptist church until May 2004. Prior to that he was national director of Youth For Christ in the UK. They have been fulfilling a wider ministry, giving input to leaders, leadership teams and churches of all denominations.

Rob and Marion, together with Ben and Deb Cooley, organised a major event in November 2008 called The Stand, which attracted nearly 6,000 people to the Birmingham NEC, out of which they co-founded Hope for Justice, an organisation whose mission is to investigate cases of human trafficking and to rescue the victims. Rob is also a trustee of The Message Trust. He and Marion have three daughters and six grandchildren.

Saturday, 22 June 2019


News from Sri Lanka 
Hiranthi Mendis Reports:

The excellent care given to all of the children in Rainbow Childrens Home is encouraging the home to expand. Each child is put into a family where where there is a mum and a dad for each child. Thus enabling each child to thrive and succeed in life. 
The first children that joined us in 2004 after the Tsunami hit Sri Lanka are now much older and I am pleased to report are thriving. They are all involved in training for employment and / or internships in various industries such as the food industry, printing, carpentry and I am glad to say that it was very fortunate that we are able continue to take care of them until such time as they settle down in their own home. 

The news has spread of the care that the children receive at Rainbow Home and as a result we have been favoured by the judicial authorities and the country's courts looks out for opportunity to send orphaned and traumatised children to be with us. This means that the home is expanding as we are given the priviledged to look after, love and help more children in need.


News from India
Ralph and Renuka Gloeckner reports:
India has voted and against all hopes it is the prime Minister N. Modi who will serve a 2nd tenure having achieved a sensational majority with his anti-secular BJP party. This means for us, the increase in attacks on Christian works may well continue. Despite this we continue to work and help those in need. We have been able to celebrate the graduation of 5 of our children who have successfully finished school. Thank you to those who have sponsored these children through their time at school and helped to enable the children to thrive.
Against all odds and extreme heat, Clara and Johann (volunteers from Germany) still keep themselves happy to serve the children in our home. They nurture skills in sports, game, creativity, English as well as providing love and care to our children who have come out from traumatising circumstances.
While all children at the Homes have sponsors, there are about 40 children in need of sponsorship for their educational help. Please help us and invite your friend to be involved to give a child a better future.


Children in Philippines
Jonathon Lumba reports:
The children sponsored through Help International are all doing well and progressing through their education well. We would like to say a thankyou for your continued support to these children and families.  Your support helps enormously, not only helping to provide a good equation for these children but helps to alleviate the burden of school fees from the family, money which can then be spent on other neecessities the family need


Farming in Gweru
Chalres Kudzerema reports:

Despite all the challenges faced in the country, the farm in Gweru is producing good crop which has been enabled to feed the villages in the local area. Every year we are able to  donate more than 100Kgs of maize seed to widows and orphans in Insukamini were we have got one of our rural congregation

The 65m deep borehole that Help International enabled has got plenty of water to see us through even through the years of drought. The project employees four full time workers and hires more than 10 casual labourers.. The borehole continues supplying the surrounding community with fresh clean water to cater for the domestic needs, we have nicknamed it Jacob's well.

However in times of the countries challenges people try to get their hands on anything to sell and make their means meet. As a result the copper pipes that are used to water the crops has been stolen. This means the irrigation system installed last year has been broken.

Help International are standing with Charles seeking wisdom for the next step and the best course of action to help the farm continue to thrive.


Helping those in Zimbabwe

Robert Mugayi reports:

Over the last few months Zimbabwe has faced many challenges, with inflation rates reaching 76%, being the second highest inflation rate in the world. As a knock on affect the cost of petrol has increased by 300% in the last 8 months and whilst salaries remain the same, the cost of food has also increased beyond the reach of many.
Cyclone Idai also hit the Southern parts of Zimbabwe in March and unfortunately many lost family members and 16,000 households were swept away by floods destroying homes, roads, clothes and schools.

Help International stand with and support the work of Covenant Churches in their mission to help and serve their communities and those in need. Over the last few months the Covenant Churches in Zimbabwe have been helping those in need and the victims with food and clothing. Helping where possible to overcome the challenges that have been faced. 


Covenant College Opens in South Africa
Gareth & Sandra Duffty report:

We are excited to report that Covenant College opened its doors in the month of May. The Theological and Leadership College welcomed students from Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa.
Students have explained that the teaching has already had a huge benefit in laying down a LEGACY and making an impact.  There has been amazement, with some moved to tears as they sat in the class and they are already ringing home to encourage others to come and join in future college teaching.   We would like to thank those that responded to help with students’ costs.  

It is still not too late for anyone else to be part, ready for the next one-month teaching block beginning on  7th Oct through 1st Nov 2019.   If you would like to join us as spring begins during October in South Africa do get in touch ASAP.  

Students from Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa along with Paul Callan (UK) one of the teachers at the college.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019


On Sunday 30th June we have a whole church meeting with guests Rob & Marion White.  We have been so blessed by their teaching over the last couple of years and many of our home groups have enjoyed working through Rob's book on prayer.  So come and join us for a celebration of worship and some excellent teaching.                                                                                                           Refreshments served from 10.00


The forecast for this Saturday is a beautiful sunny day!  Make the most of it and pop down to the fields off Langer Lane for a Gala 11 - 4pm.  While you're there look out for George and Jane Bentley who have a stall promoting the new 'cosy hub' on Grangewood Estate.  If you have time to offer them some help it would be appreciated.