Thursday, 13 April 2017


Myself and Laura are delighted to announce a new addition to our family with the arrival of our second child, due in September.

Judah is excited to become a big brother!

Andrew Murray

European Mission
Over the Easter weekend I will be travelling to Madrid for two weeks of ministry in mainland Europe. After a weekend in Spain I minister in Albania for a week and then Macedonia and Kosovo.
I will be joined by Pastor Salomon Valdez (Mexico), Evangelist Rebecca Baker (USA), Rob Pritchard, Angie Lendon, Sally Velia, Amber Leigh Amos, Gary Smith, Stephanie Glorney, Tim Gordon (Revive Church), Ian Cantrall (Buxton), Hannakhah Mann (Bradford) and Rachel Mallender (Bridlington).
For many decades Europe has been known as the “dark continent” spiritually, but there are signs that an awaking is taking place in Europe once again. Please pray for God to really move in power during this trip. We believe Europe shall be saved!