Monday, 20 February 2017


 CTfC York Bible Study Course 

 Receiving Christ

starting soon in a home near you!

This is a 5 week Bible study that is open to people from any of the churches across Chesterfield and to anyone else who is interested.  Each study includes a video of a leading Christian speaker on the subject of 'Receiving Christ' and includes time for discussion.  We sharpen our own thinking if we engage in this type of discussion with others and there is always the hope we will learn something!

CTfC would like as many people as possible to get involved and would love to see the groups as mixed as is possible so the discussions will be all the more interesting!

Last year many people made friendships outside their usual church family which continue to enrich their experience of church life.

So these are the venues, the nights and times when they will be run:

There will be groups on:     Monday evenings at 7.30 at 26 Elkstone Road,
                                                Tuesday morning at 10.30  at 58 St Helen’s St.
                                                Tuesday afternoon at 2pm  at 26 Swinscoe Way
                                                Tuesday evenings at 7.30  at Loundsley Green Church, at 74 Morris Avenue 
                                                and 10 Avondale Road
                                                Wednesday morning 10.30  at 22 Spencer St
                                                Wednesday afternoons at 2pm in Central Methodist Church
                                                Wednesday evenings at 7.30 at 26 Hady Crescent 
                                                 and at 4 St Chad’s way, Whittington Moor
                                                Thursday mornings at 10.30 at 6 Houldsworth Drive, Hady
                                                Thursday afternoon at 2pm at 8 Amesbury Close, Newbold
                                                Thursday evening at 7.30 at 91 Cutholme Road, Loundsley Green
                                                Thursday evening at 7.30 at 108 Norwood Avenue, Hasland

The five teaching sessions will be the same one in each venue each week and it would be best to choose a venue and stick with it but there is potential to catch up elsewhere if you miss your usual session. 

Session 1 Receiving Christ - as children of God
Session 2 Receiving Christ - in the stranger and the needy
Session 3 Receiving Christ - in Holy Communion
Session 4 Receiving Christ - through prayer and fellowship
Session 5 Receiving Christ - Christ in you, the hope of glory

 To book yourself in or for more information contact Hilary Lyndon on 857846 or Paul King on 270936 and