Wednesday, 20 December 2017


Christians Together for Chesterfield have been putting on a 'Songs of Praise' in January for a few years now and each time the church building is packed with Christians across the town coming together to give thanks and praise to God.  The music reflects the diversity of our styles of worship and the speakers reflect the diversity of ways in which we serve.  There are people doing good works all over our town that we never get to hear about save at such events.  So a diary date for 2018:

Saturday 20th January 6.30pm at Holy Trinity Church

Songs of Praise

Everyone welcome

Tuesday, 12 December 2017


Friday 15th December - Alfreton New Life Church hosts Carols at Costa, High St, Alfreton 7pm.  A mixture of fun and festive, traditional and modern.

Saturday 16th December - Carols and Bible Readings hosted by Holmebrook Valley Community Church at the Family Centre off Wardgate Way 6.30pm

Sunday 17th December - Family celebrations of the birth of Jesus in Chesterfield, Stretton & Alfreton at 10.30am

Monday 18th December - New Life Christmas Concert 7.30pm at The Winding Wheel, Chesterfield.  Tickets £2.50 at the door (children free) which include refreshments during the interval.
A mix of traditional carols, performance songs and fun sing-a-long classics.


Cafe Church is taking a break over Christmas. One reason is that we have such a great programme of events taking place that we need to free up some time somewhere but also Ben and Talita will be visiting family in Brasil over the holidays.

So mark it in your brand new diary:

Cafe Church is back 
on Sunday 14th January 2018 
at The Compass, West Bars 6-7pm


Have you thought about maybe becoming a School Pastor?  If yes, then there is an opportunity to find out more.  On Saturday 20th January we have the National UK Coordinator of School Pastors coming to do the first training session, 'Roles and Responsibilities of a School Pastor.'

It is a full day's training 9.30am - 3.30pm at the Compass on West Bars.  Drinks will be provided but you would need to bring a packed lunch.  No strings attached, you are not committing yourself but if you are interested please come along.
Jacky 07849 073078

Tuesday, 5 December 2017


Dear friends and partners,
This week I am flying to Kenya with a team for a week of mission in Busia, close to the Kenya / Uganda border. We will be partnering with One by One ministries and spending time with all the beautiful children and King's Children's home in the village of Bumala B as well as speaking in churches. Our main evangelistic efforts will be three nights of gospel crusades in the nearby village of Mauko. A new church plant has recently started here but no gospel crusade like this has taken place before. Mauko is known for murder, crime and withcracft. We need people to stand with us in prayer that the gospel will break chains and we will see a mighty harvest of souls in this area.
Yours in the mighty Name of Jesus,
Andrew Murray

Monday, 13 November 2017


New Irrigation in Zimbabwe
Your generosity and giving this term has enabled us to buy a new Irrigation system for the thriving farm in Gweru, Zimbabwe. To ensure that that farm continues to be a blessing to the local people and area, the irrigation system of more than 10 years needed replacing. 
Through your giving Help International has enabled this to happen. 
Charles Kudzerema reports on how your giving has enabled lives to be transformed in the local area:

' I am happy to share with you that then project has been and still is a great blessing to my family and the surrounding community.  

The bore hole and the new irrigation system is a great blessing to the community.  Being the deepest borehole in the area, it boasts a lot of water underground, even during the hottest months when the other boreholes have dried up.  Due to this the and the local city council failing to supply water to the local people, we have many from the local area come to draw water from our borehole.

Friends, this last winter was one of the hottest we've had for a long time, we were the only people in the local area being able to grow tomatoes in Gweru.  What a blessing it was to be able to supply to the whole of Gweru!  The irrigation project enables families to meet all the basic human needs.

Every year Gladys and myself help ten orphaned families with 10 kg of maize seed using the money from the irrigation project and when the need arises the farm provides food for those who cannot afford.  The project employs three full time persons and hires more than ten casual workers to assist in season, providing employment to local people.'
We would like to extend a  big thank you to all that gave to enable this project to continue, your giving has helped to provide basic needs for food and water and provided employment for many families in the surrounding areas. 

Thursday, 2 November 2017


Earlier this year Cerys (Gareth & Sandra's daughter) sent us a message on behalf of the charity Help
International.  She identified several projects that they are supporting and asked us to consider doing something in the run up to Christmas to help.  We recognised one name straight away - Charles Kudzerema in Zambia who has been to visit us in Chesterfield a few times.  This request had come directly from him:
"The Maize Production Project is the Project Gladys and myself have initiated to help the most underprivileged poor of the poorest in the communities we serve.  We are supporting these people with the proceeds from our Irrigation Project.  The setback we are facing to run our Irrigation project is that our Irrigation equipment is 15 years old and is no longer performing effectively.  We have had a lot of breakdowns repairing it time and again.

The permanent solution is to replace with new irrigation equipment. Forster in Bulawayo is a specialist in Irrigation has recommended us to have new equipment quoted on the list attached.    I have also included the cost of the 40 x10 kgs  bags of maize seed for the Maize Production for the poor.

If I can have the New Irrigation now I should be in a position to buy fertilizer to help some of the poor families before the rain season in November.   I will also teach these poor families how to plough and plant their maize crop.   I will also encourage them to use humous and anthill mature to enrich their soil.

My passion is to see people free from hunger and poverty."    Charles K

Last Sunday we asked you to bring in your copper coins to make a trail around the meeting room.  We had so many we could probably have gone from Alfreton to Chesterfield! I had to borrow the projector case on wheels in order to be able to get the coins into my car because the bags were so heavy!  I took it to the bank on Monday and it took several fillings of the coin catcher to get it all through.  They are certainly not short of change at Nat West now.  The grand total including silver coins and folding money was £295.42 which we have rounded up to a nice round £300 which is on it's way to Charles.

This is the message we have received back from Cerys:

Dear Jacky, 

This is wonderful news! Thankyou so much for your email and all of the church generosity. Mum and Dad came back with a video of the copper trail from last weekend - such a great idea! I may post this on our next newsletter to encourage others to give and think creatively. 

Charles and the people in Zambia will be thrilled, 

Thankyou again! 
God bless you all, 

Saturday, 7 October 2017


Welcome Asher Joseph Murray
Dear friends, Andrew, Judah and I would like to introduce you all to our new little member of the family.  Asher Joseph Murray was born on the 1st October 2017. Asher and I are both doing well and Judah is enjoying his new big brother duties. Please pray for us as we begin our journey as a family of 4, for my recovery and to thank God for his amazing gift of this new little life we get to treasure. 
~ Laura Murray

Thursday, 28 September 2017


We have Cafe Church at the Compass on West Bars every Sunday evening 6-7 pm .  Why Cafe Church?  It's an opportunity for those who can't make a Sunday morning meeting to get together for worship and bible teaching.  It's real church but in a more relaxed setting.  Everyone is welcome and there will be plenty of cake!  This week it will be Ben Bentley speaking.

Come and give it a try.

Monday, 25 September 2017


This Sunday in Chesterfield our J Team children are taking over our meeting.  They are going to remind us to be thankful for all the good things God provides for us - including our food.  If you would like to bring a harvest offering we will be donating all suitable items to the food bank.
If you would like to bring fresh fruit or vegetables - maybe something from your allotment? - these will be sold in the meeting and the money donated to the food bank.

Monday, 18 September 2017


Wednesday, 13 September 2017


I wanted to bring to your attention the fact that our Foodbank Project Manager, Ian Birchmore is retiring from working for the foodbank. Ian has worked tirelessly, and served us extremely well and there will be an opportunity to thank Ian for all his work at a future event. We are now however looking for someone to replace Ian as a paid foodbank Project Manager and we need your help.

If you, or someone you know, might be interested and wants to know more please contact myself (Tim Rourke) on 07853 167061 or email me

Foodbank Project Manager

Job Description
Responsible to: Foodbank Project Trustees Responsible for: Directing and managing the Chesterfield Foodbank

Salary: £1025 per month (Including annual cost of living increase each year) Based on three-day week, flexible to fit duties Permanent after 6 months probation period

Overall responsibility of the job:  To lead a team of volunteers to ensure that all areas of the foodbank centres for Chesterfield Foodbank are run efficiently and to a high standard, in accordance with The Trussell Trust franchise model and statutory requirements.

Key dates for the Interview Process Job Descriptions and Application Forms available from 13th Sept 2017

Final Application Date : Sunday 1st October

Shortlisting : Week beginning Monday 2nd October Interviews : Thursday 12th October

Monday, 11 September 2017


This year the Compassion Experience was available at Spring Harvest and at The One Event and I was disappointed that I didn't get a chance to go in.  But God is good and the experience is coming to Chesterfield twice before the year is out.

What is The Compassion Experience?

This free event features an interactive journey through the true stories of children living in two African countries: Uganda and Ethiopia.  In more than 2,000 square feet of interactive exhibit space, visitors will step inside homes, schools and markets — without getting on a plane. Each child's story starts in poverty but ends in hope.
A brand new innovation to the UK, The Compassion Experience offers you the chance to visit another world without leaving your own. See with your own eyes how sponsorship transforms lives through this interactive, mobile experience; visiting churches, schools, and other venues across the country.
The Compassion Experience is housed in a Compassion-branded truck. When deployed the structure allows guests to take an immersive tour through replicas of the homes, environments and stories of two children who have been a part of Compassion’s programme. Though the use of an iPod and headphones guests have the opportunity to hear from Sameson or Shamin, who share first-hand what daily life was like growing up in extreme poverty.
As you enter the Experience, you’ll be instantly transported to Uganda and Ethiopia— visiting homes, markets and schools as you experience sights, sounds, and events from the lives of Sameson or Shamin. Witness with your own eyes the impact one caring sponsor can have.
Each tour takes approximately 20 minutes and guests are welcome to experience one or both stories.
Through the experience visitors will witness the help, new life and hope that transforms a child’s life when Compassion is able to help through the generosity of a personal sponsor. At the end of the tour, guests enter a room where they can view photos and information about children of all ages who are waiting for sponsors.
The Experience is a free, family friendly event which gives you a tangible way to share the realities of daily poverty with your own children, family, friends and community.
Get a taster here:
It's an experience that will change you.  So bring your friends and families and lets spread some compassion and find out how we can help children like these.
Hosted by Redeemer King Church at Outwood Academy, Highfield Road, Chesterfield
Sat Sept 30th 1 pm -  6 pm 
Sun Oct 1st 12 pm - 4 pm
Hosted by Christian Life Church, Vanguard Trading Estate, Britannia Road, Chesterfield
Fri Nov 10th 5.30 pm - 7.15 pm
Sat Nov 11th 1.00 pm - 2.30 pm   &  3.45 pm - 6 pm
Sun 12th Nov 10.30 pm - 2.30 pm  &  4 pm - 6 pm

Friday, 8 September 2017


Emma used to love coming out with our Street Pastors in Chesterfield as an observer and was a valued part of any team.  At the time she was suffering with regular non epileptic seizures and was frustrated that she did not feel able to be more fully involved.

What a transformation in less than a year.  She is now happily married to husband Gareth and settled in Devon.  With the support of her husband and the local Street Pastor Coordinator she has now completed the training. I think the smiles on this photo taken at their recent commissioning service show what it means to both of them.

Please take some time to pray for the Street Pastors up and down the country who will be out on patrol this weekend.  That God will guide them to the vulnerable and those in need and give them his wisdom to handle every situation they face.

Monday, 4 September 2017


Can't believe it is 2 months since our last post!  I could make out that we have spent the last month recharging our batteries on some remote sun-kissed desert island but that wouldn't be honest - although Dave did make it to Brixham for a short break with Alison which comes pretty close!

In reality a lot of NLC folk have been working very hard over the holidays on various projects as well as trying to fit in some much needed R&R.   I'll try and catch up on some of those projects for you this week .  Hope you had a good summer break too.

Thursday, 20 July 2017


Dear friends,

Thank you for your continued support to this ministry. We do hope that you are blessed and encouraged by all that God is doing as we travel. We do as always value your prayers so much. Thank you for your time in reading this newsletter.
Many Blessings,
Andrew Murray

Recent UK Ministry 

We’ve had a very productive few months mainly focused on ministry in the UK. It’s been such an honour to speak at some churches that reach out to the marginalised in society, people struggling with addiction etc. – New Life Christian Centre in Coln, Radical Church in Norwich and Rivers of Life Church in Stockton are doing great jobs at widening their circle of love. As I spoke in these places we saw so many hungry people with stories of salvation and lives touched by the Holy Spirit. There were more salvations at a special weekend I did at New Life Chesterfield. I also met a man who had been sceptical of the Holy Spirit until I spoke there last year. He had had such an encounter with God that he said “I’m not sceptical anymore!”
We had a wonderful weekend in Radcliffe, speaking in church, schools, houses and on the streets. It was a real weekend of breakthrough for New Life church as we saw salvations from the local community, people touched by the Holy Spirit and healings including a woman healed of arthritis.
We were able to re-visit churches in Cambridge, Kings Lynn, Northampton, Alford and Gainsborough that I have spoken at before as well as speaking in new churches in Manchester, Swaffham and Northampton. 
I write after a powerful weekend speaking in London where God moved mightily at Guiding Light Assembly in Camden and also among leaders from a Baptist Church in Barnet who invited me to speak on the Holy Spirit. We thank God for all that He is doing in the UK as we travel.
Recent European Tour

In the Spring I went on a two week tour around Europe, starting out on my own ministering in Madrid, Spain. I was then joined by a team as we spoke in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia. We had an incredible time and God truly changed many lives. Please read the full report of this trip here:
Ireland 4 Jesus
Many hundreds of people gave their lives to Jesus during the two week “Ireland 4 Jesus” campaign in June and July. I ministered for one weekend, speaking to Redeemed Church of God groups in Limerick and Ennis. The highlight was undoubtedly the last night when I was able to speak to young people and see around 40 of them give their lives to Jesus! It was powerful to see the next generation impacted by the Holy Spirit and we plan to return for youth crusades in 2018.
Up-coming Missions to Africa
For the first time since Generation Builders became an official ministry we will be holding events on the continent of Africa at the end of the year. In December we will be partnering with One by One and Revive Church, taking a team to Busia in Kenya, ministering to children and in prisons and churches. We will also be holding four nights of gospel crusades believing for the sick to be healed and souls to be saved.

Also, in November, I am so honoured to travelling to Nigeria with the great Reinhard Bonnke for a huge CFAN crusade in Lagos.
We do need financial help in funding these trips and if you are able to support then please give a donation here:
UCB Radio

I am the new host of the “Revive” radio show on UCB 2 digital radio. Join myself and Jarrod Cooper for teaching on Sunday’s at 2.00 pm and also available on catch up here:
Glory in the Land
This year’s Glory In The Land conference will be on Saturday 25th November at New Life Wakefield. Myself and Jarrod Cooper will be speaking and it will be a powerful day. We do hope you can join us!
Family News!
Myself and Laura will be having our second son, due in September! Please pray for Laura in these final few weeks of pregnancy and for our family as we continue to grow!!

Monday, 17 July 2017


 This weekend Paul and Dawn Mellors' son 
Tim got married to Zoe at 
Newstead Abbey 

Congratulations and God Bless 
to the latest 
Mr & Mrs Mellors from everyone at New Life Church. 

Thursday, 13 July 2017


Praise Party featuring Geraldine Latty
7.00 pm on Saturday 15th July 2017
£5 per ticket (£2.50 for under 18s) For ticket enquiries please e-mail:
You are also invited to join us for a ‘Sing Gospel’ session with Geraldine at 3.15pm on the same day.
This is for anyone that enjoys singing where we will be learning a song in 3 part harmony to perform at the Praise Party in the evening.
For further details please contact Pam Coward by e-mail:
Geraldine Latty is a singer/songwriter who lives in North London with her husband Carey Luce.  Her day to day includes working as a songwriter, performer, vocal coach and choir director.  She also finds time to lecture on a music and theology degree program at London School of Theology and loves being involved in mentoring.  She has released a number of solo albums, the latest  ‘Can You See It?’ was released on 1 April 2017.  For further details about Geraldine please visit 
Aspley Evangelical Church address is:-   531, Aspley Lane, Aspley, Nottingham NG8 5RW.  It’s 10 mins drive off J26 on the M1. 

My sister is the Pam Coward mentioned and she’s told me that you don’t need to book in advance, you can just turn up and they’ll make room!  I’m going down for the afternoon session so have room in my car if anyone needs a lift.  George won’t be coming unless someone else wants to give him a lift as he is staying to look after Kimmy, Gail and Wilf’s dog.  He’d quite like to go to the evening session if someone else is going though!

People can contact me for  more details (not that I know  much), but it’s easier just to go on the website –

Jane xxx

Tuesday, 11 July 2017


Dave is going to be taking the whole meeting on Sunday and he is after some help from you.

In 1 Corinthians 14, just after that beautiful explanation of what love is like in chapter 13, Paul encourages the church not to come together for what it can get but with a heart to give, share and encourage, to build one another up.  He says everyone can bring something to bless and encourage the church.  No excuses, 'everyone' means you and me too!

That's what Dave is looking for this week.  Could you share a testimony that shows God's goodness? Or could you bring some scripture that has meant something special to you?  Have you been encouraged and could you share that to encourage others? It's not a time to showcase yourself, it's an opportunity to declare the goodness of our God which will encourage others to put their trust in him.

Can't think of anything?  Well, now's the time to pray in that case:

Father God, you are amazing and no one compares to you.  I want to declare your goodness to the church this Sunday.  Please will you give me a special scripture or a testimony to share so I can build the church by being an encourager. Thank you. Amen


On the weekend 15th and 16th July we are celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of our Hasland Baptist Church. Yes, it's 2 years since our re-launch back in 2015. How time flies! 

On Saturday 15th July at 7pm I am doing a free concert. Don't miss this. It may be your last chance to see me perform my music live! 

Please join us and help us celebrate keeping Hasland Baptist alive and running!

John Pickering

Wednesday, 5 July 2017


If you have been missing the monthly walks that Julian and Patricia used to organise how about taking up this invitation?  Variations to suit different capabilities....

Dear friends,

Central Methodist Church has been rambling on first Saturdays in the month for ages.     Next month I offer an ecumenical invitation.

I am leading the walk on Saturday August 5th, which is on Froggatt, Curbar and White Edges and, if desired, with a loop into Longshaw.  There are 3 options – 3, 6 or 9 miles, all beginning at Hay Wood NT carpark (not far from the Grouse Inn on the A625), with the short walk finishing at Curbar Gap, the 6-miler coming back to Hay Wood and the 9 miler also.

We meet in the car park of Central Methodists at 9.15, or at 9.45 in Hay Wood car park, where there is a charge for non-NT members.  Anyone walking only to Curbar Gap will need transport home from there.   BYO coffee pause at Curbar Gap.  BYO lunch near the Grouse.  Ice cream at Longshaw.

Want to come?  Want more details?   Ring 270936 or email  

Paul King

Tuesday, 27 June 2017


Image result for andrew murray evangelistDear friend,
I would love to see you at a special conference we will be ministering at in Barnsley, South Yorkshire at St George's Church Of England. On Saturday 15th July we will be having a special day where I will be teaching on prayer and intercession. This is a great opportunity to come and go deeper in these areas.
In the evening we will be holding a special healing event where I will be preaching the gospel and praying for the sick. 
I do hope you can join us
Andrew Murray

Wednesday, 21 June 2017


This Sunday promises to be a real treat as the groups from Alfreton and Stretton join together in Chesterfield  with our friends from Holmebrook Valley Church and guest speaker Rob White.  Rob and his wife Marion have been in ministry for many years and have a wealth of experience to share. Rob is going to be sharing on the theme of his most recent book, 'Teach us to Pray' based around the Lord's Prayer.

He was National Director for 'Youth for Christ' )  and co founder of 'Hope for Justice' ( )  as well as being a trustee of the 'Message Trust' ).

If you can't make the morning meeting, we will be putting Rob and Marion in the hotseat at 
Cafe Church 6-7pm at the Compass on West Bars.

Monday, 12 June 2017


There are four main arenas of life: friendships, finance, self and career, and in each one men will face uncertainties or difficulties that can test our integrity, resilience and character. But God has called us to live our lives with perseverance, to run the race set before us and to run to win.
In the Arena is a men’s event where we will share with you helpful strategies to strengthen and empower you. Discover the importance of preparation and training that enables you to survive the tough times that can affect your most important relationships, work and inner or spiritual life.
Join Philip Jinadu and Gerrit Bantjes as they explore practical drills that will help you through everyday life.

The speakers

Our speakers are both great communicators but speak from different life experiences.

Meet Philip! He leads Woodlands Metro, a thriving and energetic city church that meets in the heart of Bristol. He is the founder and director of Love Running, an innovative charity that encourages ordinary people to ‘get fit, get friends and change the world’.
Meet Gerrit! Gerrit has been a British Army paratrooper and fitness coach to Cardiff Rugby Club. Now, he works full-time for Care for the Family. He is also a husband and father with real compassion and understanding of life’s highs and lows.

You will come away discovering:

  • The importance of key male friendships.
  • The importance of accountability.
  • How to develop a world class attitude.
  • How Jesus exemplifies perfectly our pattern for manhood.

Book early through New Life Church to get a special partner rate of £4.  Tickets at the door £7


Sheffield United FCSheffieldS2 4SU




7:30pm - 10:00pm




I think the picture says it all.  Liz shared her story with us, the way that God had brought her to this point in her life.  Today was a public demonstration that the old Liz died and was buried with Christ in his death but the brand new Liz rose up through the waters of baptism to the joy of a new resurrection power-filled life in Christ.

God had the same word to say from different people. Ever creative, Bev had brought her a compass to remind her to follow God closely but his way is always forward, no turning back.  Both George and Dave had the same verse for Liz emphasizing that God has plans for her life:

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Congratulations, Liz, on your baptism and we look forward to watching the excellent plans of God unfold in your life.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017


Whatever you are up to this weekend we have plenty of opportunities for you to come and meet the church.  At 10.30 am you can join us at the Winding Wheel in Chesterfield, at the Village Hall in Stretton or at Firs Gardens Community Centre in Alfreton for a great time of worship and Bible teaching.

At 3pm we are having a baptism for Liz at Holme Brook Valley Church, off Wardgate Way, Holme Hall.  Everyone welcome.

Cafe Church will be open 6-7pm at the Compass, West Bars.  Join us for coffee, followed by worship and Bible teaching from Ben Bentley.

Friday, 2 June 2017


Firstly may I thank you for supporting Chesterfield Foodbank.

Unfortunately this year Tesco have withdrawn support for the Summer National Collection but have allowed us to go in and raise funds through both of their Chesterfield stores. This means, instead of collecting food/toiletries we shall be collecting much needed funds to keep the food banks running.

Chesterfield Foodbank fed 2,424 Chesterfield people last year (April '16 - March '17) including 674 children, a rise of 14.2% on 2016. We also gave out toiletries, toys and other products donated to us.

It takes £20,000 a year for us to operate, this includes a 3 day week salary for the project manager, expenses for fuel, distribution centre rent, warehouse running costs including office stationery, electric, gas, grounds maintenance, security, buildings insurance and personal liability insurance, plus attending events.

We are asking for two volunteers every hour between 9:30am and 5:30pm each of the three days to stand (or sit) and collect money given by members of the public. If you can spare more than one hour that would be splendid.

Friday 30th June Tesco Metro on Middle pavement in Chesterfield town centre

Saturday 1st July Tesco Metro on Middle pavement in Chesterfield town centre

Saturday 29th July Tesco Extra on Lockoford Lane

Please offer your dates/times before June 23rd for us to make up the rota.

I thank you in anticipation.

Ian BIrchmore
Chesterfield Foodbank
Project Manager
Mob: 07984589456