Tuesday, 6 September 2016


Sorry, but the holidays are over and it's back to school time.  Dave and Alison are back with us this Sunday at the Winding Wheel.  Dave will be leading the worship and preaching this week so lift him and the family up in prayer between now and Sunday.  How about we make his job really easy by coming prepared with something to share?  Ask God for a scripture or a word of encouragement for the church.  Spend some time before God preparing your heart so that when we gather together it is a very special time.

It's also food bank collection Sunday so if you would like to bring something to help local people in
crisis we will be happy to pass on your gifts.  At the moment the warehouse is particularly low on biscuits, small tins of vegetables and sweet treats for families with children.  These treats can be little bags of sweets, chocolate snack bars or things like jelly, angel delight, trifle sponges, dried fruit etc

See you at the Winding Wheel on Sunday!