Monday, 7 December 2015


This Sunday God called us again to simply spend time sitting at his feet and enjoying his presence.  We don't have to come with clever prayers and all the right answers or with a list of problems for him to solve to give us a reason to be there. 
He just wants us to come and enjoy being with him, a special kind of intimacy where no words are needed.  Jill spoke about special times sitting hand in hand in silence with Viv but just knowing that he loved her and she loved him. 
Ann Marie had a picture of a beautiful Christmas tree, you want to dim the lights to give it centre stage, to enjoy the light and warmth it brings.  Our Father wants us to dim the other distracting lights in our lives and just enjoy being in his presence. 
Bev talked about slowing down and appreciating the shoebox full of gifts that God gives to us every moment of every day. Then at Cafe Church Trev spoke about learning to listen to 'our friend' the Holy Spirit and to hear what he has to say into every situation in our lives.
Make time to enjoy God and hear what he has to say to you this week.