Monday, 27 July 2015


We all appreciate how hard Dave and Alison work in serving the church and how often they sacrifice family time to be available to help us.  So you will understand, I trust, how important it is for them to have a proper summer break and to dedicate time to relaxing on holiday and having fun with their family. So can I ask that you respect their summer holiday this year from Sat 1st - Sat 15th August.  Please for this fortnight, would you refrain from phoning or texting them or turning up unannounced as they may not be there or may have something arranged with their family.

So, what do you do if I need help?  First of all pray and ask God to show you what to do - that demonstrates maturity as a Christian.
But can I get some support?  If you are in a home group you could contact your home group leader and they will help you. 
What if I'm not in a home group or my home group leader is on holiday?  Well, you could ring one of the other home group leaders; Ben, Jacky, Jayne, Gwen, for example.  Plus we have a fantastic Pastoral Care Team - the ones who wear the yellow badges on a Sunday.  This team is headed up by Trevor and Janet Wright, so you could ring them and ask for someone to help you (01773 590301).

There is loads of pastoral care available to you over the summer, if you need us please ask.

(07849 073078)