Monday, 23 March 2015


Thank you to everyone who joined in on Facebook trying to work out the title of my preach on Noah for last Sunday. There were lots of very funny and creative suggestions some of which may prove very useful at a later date.   If you didn't hear it, my message was titled "All Hands on Deck!"

Most of you know this was based around a word God spoke to me just before Christmas.  Even though it was the middle of the night the instruction to build like Noah was so clear to me. He built the ark before a spot of rain fell and had put in every structure before the animals came on board.  I felt God was saying to build the Church and put every structure in place to enable many to come on board and then there would be a rain of growth. To share it puts me on the spot but let's believe big!

We know of course from scripture that the result of any word form God depends on our response to it.  So surely this is a call for 'All Hands on Deck!"  I know that word won't have fallen on deaf ears as folk at NLC are great at putting themselves in the mix, throwing themselves into everything and serving.  Our mission is to see the Church built to be the finest of vessels to advance God's kingdom rule, bringing many on board and transforming our neighbourhood, workplace and community.

So I want to encourage everyone to be in the centre of church life, in the mix, and to make our lives count.  Yes, actively be the fragrance of Christ and a light to our world but also make our time together a priority.  I believe our Sunday meetings are a top priority and so important.  It's only 2-3 hours out of the 168 that God has given us every week.  It's time to worship God, hear the word of God and apply it to our lives but also to encourage and build one another up. 

Just think what the dynamic will be like when we are all out together in force and consistently.  It's already an electric atmosphere. Wow!  Please encourage others too. Let's continue to meet together with great joy and excitement and to treasure the time we have to honour God together.

Dave Bunting