Wednesday, 8 January 2014


The word for the church this morning was that God says,
“Yes I am the still small voice but I am also the fire in the bush. I am the God of fire and I have placed within each one of you a measure of fire and it is time to re-ignite the fire inside of you for this is the year of Fire and of Life.
 For it is the fire in your bones that has to burn again and there has been a heritage of those who have sown in prayer and tears, those men and women who have sown in their inner rooms, in the secret place with tears and it is time to pick up those seeds that was sown and to speak the word of God with fire and with the Spirit.
For the Spirit will give life to the word you speak and the time of sleep and slumber is over – now is the time of Fire and Life – the fire and life of the Spirit. Rise up because this is the year of Fire and Life for this church – Fire and Life in the Spirit.” (Petra)

Time we looked at what we do and how we think. Start asking yourself "How would Jesus react in this situation?  What would he do?"  Then do what you know he would do, speak the words he would speak and choose to be more like Jesus every day. That is how we bring the fire of God to life in our lives. (Trev)

Some of you by nature are lambs and some are lions.  I feel God is saying in these times in order for us to rise up lambs will need to become lions by his Spirit and lions will need to learn to be lambs. (Di)