Tuesday, 24 December 2013


This year the run up to Christmas has been really busy with so many great events put on across the church.  The Christmas Concert at the Winding Wheel drew a full house again this year including music, poetry and those wonderful videos looking at the Christmas story from the perspective of the those who experienced it at the time.
Then there was all the fun and splendid food at the party on Thursday.
 Lovely atmosphere for Carols by Candlelight at Stretton last Saturday with traditional carols and bible readings.  Sunday morning in Chesterfield was a delight with Ben's performance as the grumpy inkeeper and J Team playing all of the other nativity characters.  Well done to all the children and their costume-makers!
Several H&E issues during the chocolate gospel - as Lucy and Ellie flung the chocolate bars named in the story to the first hand up.  Glad to report no one was injured during the making of this spectacle!
Last but not least it was lovely to sit back and enjoy Carols by Candlelight in Al;freton - lovely family atmosphere plus those of us who had been in Chesterfield in the morning had a head start with the chocolate gospel this time!
Have a very Happy Christmas Everyone and a good rest!