Tuesday, 24 December 2013


This year the run up to Christmas has been really busy with so many great events put on across the church.  The Christmas Concert at the Winding Wheel drew a full house again this year including music, poetry and those wonderful videos looking at the Christmas story from the perspective of the those who experienced it at the time.
Then there was all the fun and splendid food at the party on Thursday.
 Lovely atmosphere for Carols by Candlelight at Stretton last Saturday with traditional carols and bible readings.  Sunday morning in Chesterfield was a delight with Ben's performance as the grumpy inkeeper and J Team playing all of the other nativity characters.  Well done to all the children and their costume-makers!
Several H&E issues during the chocolate gospel - as Lucy and Ellie flung the chocolate bars named in the story to the first hand up.  Glad to report no one was injured during the making of this spectacle!
Last but not least it was lovely to sit back and enjoy Carols by Candlelight in Al;freton - lovely family atmosphere plus those of us who had been in Chesterfield in the morning had a head start with the chocolate gospel this time!
Have a very Happy Christmas Everyone and a good rest!


Congratulations to Wes and Sophie Wright on the birth of Noah Edward.  NLC now has two very proud Aunties (Faye & Emma) and delighted grandparents (Trev & Janet). So cute!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013


On Monday our shoeboxes were taken down to the Samaritan's Purse checking and distribution centre on Chatsworth Road.  We were delighted that between Alfreton, Chesterfield and the collection at Alison's school at Hasland we were able to drop off 87 boxes. 

Once the boxes have been checked and sealed they will be off to a desination in Eastern Europe. Picture those 87 smiles as children open the boxes you prepared.

The ladies at the distribution centre were a little swamped having just received 2,000 shoeboxes collected by Shoezone and were checking and sealing up boxes with gusto! It's wonderful that people in our area have been so generous.

Sunday, 8 December 2013


We began this morning in worship and Dave told three stories of people in the Bible who gave what they had to help others - the widow and the coins that she put in the offering though it was all she had; the boy who gave up his lunch so Jesus could do a miracle and feed 5,000 and from the parable, the good Samaritan who used what he had to help the man he found.  When we give from what we have to help others God's blessing is bound to follow.

But even as Dave was speaking he could tell that we all really wanted to do was get packing shoeboxes!  So we did, some wrapping the boxes while others chose items to go inside and all making a card to put inside to carry a special message from us.  The videos we saw show how much these shoeboxes mean to the children who receive them and we pray each one will be a blessing to a child.  See more pictures from Chesterfield this Sunday on our facebook page. 

Friday, 6 December 2013


NLC's Derek Hopkinson (pictured in the centre) along with colleagues from Highfield's School took on the Movember challenge to grow a stylish tache during the month of November this year.  The purpose is two-fold.  Firstly to raise awareness of serious health issues affecting men and the importance of reporting any early signs to a doctor asap.  Secondly through sponsorship to raise money to help fund research. 

Thanks to the generosity of everyone at school, church, family and friends they have raised a lot of money this year and grown some quite amazing moustaches!.


Just to let you know that so far we have been very blessed and thank you for all the prayers. As you probably have seen on the news Nelson Mandela has passed away. There is a lot of tension about what could aspire now as there have been previous calls for "haruru" meaning 'the night of the long knives' when some may want to kill white people - it originates from the past culture. It is what apparently has been circulating for months in South Africa. Prayer will break this call for violence and we cannot believe that we are finding ourselves here at this time?! Thank you for covering us in prayer - we appreciate the prayer back-up and support from our God Family! God is ministering to our children in a very real way through others here in a God ordained way. We are thankful and stand amazed! 
 Love and God bless from Andre and Petra

Thursday, 5 December 2013


We are hosting the next in the Worship Central course at St John's, Walton this Saturday at St John's, Walton.  The subject is 'Leading Worship' but it's not just for worship leaders.  If you want to learn more about how to get yourself properly prepared to worship come along on Saturday. Starts 9am with a light breakfast, followed by worship, teaching, discussion groups and aiming to end around noon.


School Pastors' &
Street Pastors' trees
NLC support the work of the Street Pastors and School Pastors in Chesterfield with volunteers involved in both projects.  Drop in at St Thomas' Church, Brampton this weekend to see the Street and School Pastors' trees on display in the Christmas Tree Festival. 34 trees in total representing organisations and businesses working and serving in our community. 


It was the last of our Alpha course tonight with Dave speaking on 'The Church'.  Church is not a building or a service on a Sunday morning it is the family of God worshipping him and sharing their lives together.  Wonderful that so many have discovered this reality and amazing how it has transformed their lives.  If you missed out this time but would be interested in the next Alpha early in 2014 contact Dave to book your place 01246 200768.

Sunday, 1 December 2013


In Chesterfeld this morning God spoke to us during the worship about being safe and secure in him regardless of the situations we might be facing.  He is our rock and our refuge.  Derek told of the time he and a friend decided to swim out to sea to look back on the bay and headland.  They soon realised when they were in open water that the pull of the tide was more than a match for their swimming strength and they were being drawn out to sea.  Derek turned and began to swim against the tide towards a rock.  To his surpise he found he was making headway because the rock itself was affording him some protection.  They both eventually reached the rock and climbed up onto it and he remembers how relieved he was to feel safe.  We need to live in that place of safety, firmly established through the word of God on Jesus our Rock and know that security whatever else is going on around us.

Talita brought a strong challenge to us to be a people of God's word because we are all engaged in a spiritual battle and we need a sharp sword to be effective.  We need to live by the word to release it's power in our lives to live in victory and to be able to rescue others who need God's help through us.

Ben's preach was entitled 'Walking With the Lord.  A Hitchiker's Guide'. We are made Spirit, Soul and Body.  When Soul and Body have their way we cut ourselves off from our connection with God and lose sight of who we are and the authority God has given us.  When Spirit in relationship with the Holy Spirit through God's word has Lordship, our lives become more God focused and he is able to direct us in line with his will which is guaranteed victory and blessing.


These are just some of the fantastic outfits from the 1980's night at The Compass.  Brings the full horror of 80's fashion back to life.  Everyone had a great time with the quiz, some dancing to music from that era with crisps & nibbles while they nattered.  The next social event at The Compass is 'New Life's Got Talent' on Saturday 25th January - let Bev and Nick know if you'd like to take part.