Sunday, 27 October 2013


Prophetic word to the church brought by Peter Topliss at the joint meeting in Chesterfield on Sun 27th October 2013.

...Where you are right now; in your level of faith, in your experience of Christ, in your understanding of the scriptures, in your testimony for Jesus, that’s not your finishing standard.

 I’m speaking today what I feel God is saying over every single person here who knows Jesus as Lord.   You’re part of the church. As soon as you gave your life to Jesus, in other words you believed God raised him from the dead and you confessed him as your Lord, the Bible says you’re saved.  At that very moment, that instant, the Holy Spirit baptised you into the body of Christ. For we were all baptised, by one Spirit, into one body.

If you look round you may not like everybody here.  It’s a shock, isn’t it when you find out not everybody likes you?  I keep discovering it!  Nevertheless we are baptised into one another, we’re part of one another, we’re members one of another. God’s saying wherever your life is that’s not your finishing point before we get to glory, before we leave this earth.How that pans out, however that happens, whatever your theology of the end times, however it’s going to take place, you are going to make progress in the things of God. 

Every single one and it will always be a stretch to you.  You’ll always think you’re out of control.  “I can’t manage this. This is beyond what I’ve known.”  But I believe God is saying get rid of the ‘this’ll do mentality’. 

Abram, I might get to preach on him if I get there, Abram spent two thirds of his life in deserts.  And when he actually started his ministry he was 80.  When he began he had 80 years of preparation and 40 years of actually ministering but he was always progressing in the things of God and you will progress if you will just surrender to the Lord.