Monday, 28 October 2013


Who hasn't gone misty eyed at the sight of little children putting on a Christmas performance?  We all love it, don't we? Schools take weeks to practise and perfect their performances and still we love it best when some little character decides to improvise or make an inappropriate comment very loudly and at the wrong moment! 
Our JTeam always treat us to a great performance on the last Sunday before Christmas - this year Sunday 22nd December - but they get very limited time to practise on a Sunday morning.  Rehearsals will begin on Sunday 1st December and continue for the following two Sundays.  Parents, please could we ask you to do your level best to ensure your children are at the Sunday meeting for those three weeks so they can practise together.  We want everyone to be included and they will feel so much more secure and confident if they have been to all the practices.  Thank you.