Thursday, 31 October 2013


Don't forget!  The second Worship Central is this Saturday 2nd Nov 9am at St John's, Walton Back Lane, Walton. 
Peter Topliss will be speaking on 'Encountering God'.
Register on the day when you arrive.  Everyone welcome.
Contact Gail for more information 07808 448746

Monday, 28 October 2013


Who hasn't gone misty eyed at the sight of little children putting on a Christmas performance?  We all love it, don't we? Schools take weeks to practise and perfect their performances and still we love it best when some little character decides to improvise or make an inappropriate comment very loudly and at the wrong moment! 
Our JTeam always treat us to a great performance on the last Sunday before Christmas - this year Sunday 22nd December - but they get very limited time to practise on a Sunday morning.  Rehearsals will begin on Sunday 1st December and continue for the following two Sundays.  Parents, please could we ask you to do your level best to ensure your children are at the Sunday meeting for those three weeks so they can practise together.  We want everyone to be included and they will feel so much more secure and confident if they have been to all the practices.  Thank you.

Sunday, 27 October 2013


Great time this morning as we all got together from Clay Cross, Alfreton and Chesterfield at the Winding Wheel.  Such a buzz in the room as people were catching up with each other over coffee before the worship began. Worship focussed on the nature of God's love towards us and our response to that love.

Peter's message: God's Got It Covered!  Noah was instructed to paint the ark inside and out with pitch (same root word in hebrew for atonement) to waterproof it against the water.  When God's judgement came, in the form of the flood, Noah and his family were not only waterproofed but judgement-proofed too!  In the same way, we as Christians are told again and again in the New Testament that we are 'in Christ' and in him we are also judgement-proofed.
Romans 8:1 "There is now, no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus"

Whatever situations we might be facing, no matter how big a mountain it may seem, the work of Christ on the cross has paid for it and God is more than ready, willing and able to help.  He's got it covered!


Prophetic word to the church brought by Peter Topliss at the joint meeting in Chesterfield on Sun 27th October 2013.

...Where you are right now; in your level of faith, in your experience of Christ, in your understanding of the scriptures, in your testimony for Jesus, that’s not your finishing standard.

 I’m speaking today what I feel God is saying over every single person here who knows Jesus as Lord.   You’re part of the church. As soon as you gave your life to Jesus, in other words you believed God raised him from the dead and you confessed him as your Lord, the Bible says you’re saved.  At that very moment, that instant, the Holy Spirit baptised you into the body of Christ. For we were all baptised, by one Spirit, into one body.

If you look round you may not like everybody here.  It’s a shock, isn’t it when you find out not everybody likes you?  I keep discovering it!  Nevertheless we are baptised into one another, we’re part of one another, we’re members one of another. God’s saying wherever your life is that’s not your finishing point before we get to glory, before we leave this earth.How that pans out, however that happens, whatever your theology of the end times, however it’s going to take place, you are going to make progress in the things of God. 

Every single one and it will always be a stretch to you.  You’ll always think you’re out of control.  “I can’t manage this. This is beyond what I’ve known.”  But I believe God is saying get rid of the ‘this’ll do mentality’. 

Abram, I might get to preach on him if I get there, Abram spent two thirds of his life in deserts.  And when he actually started his ministry he was 80.  When he began he had 80 years of preparation and 40 years of actually ministering but he was always progressing in the things of God and you will progress if you will just surrender to the Lord.


Whittington Home group braved the wind and rain for a night out together at Matlock Bath.  Yes, we all got very soggy but nobody's spirits were dampened and we even managed to have a laugh with fellow passengers on the Park & Ride bus which got stuck in the traffic!  We all enjoyed great fish and chips (Ivan and Tom pictured) and the firework display before heading home to dry out!  A good evening with our church family.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013


It's all change this weekend!
This Sunday we have had to swap the venue for the whole church meeting.  So instead of meeting in Alfreton as planned we will be meeting in Chesterfield 10.30am at The Winding Wheel.  Looking forward to a great time together.

Don't forget to put your clock back this weekend and enjoy that extra hour!

Monday, 21 October 2013


Following on from the success of the 6 week summer holiday play scheme YoungStars is launching a new holiday club for half term next week.  It will be running in the mornings 10-12 at Church in the Peak, New Street,  Monday - Friday.  NLC did such a fantastic job of supporting in the summer and they would really appreciate your help again.  If you are available for any of the mornings please let Jacky know.  It will be lots of fun and in a great new venue!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013


A big thank you to everyone who brought food donations for the food bank last Sunday.  I dropped them off at Loundsley Green on Friday afternoon and again had the pleasure of seeing our gifts go out to families in Chesterfield who are really struggling for a variety of reasons.  Since we started in June, so far you have given 178 kilos of food which is amazing.  At this rate by Christmas we will be close to the quarter of a ton mark!

On top of this £50 was raised by Bev and Nick at our Cheese and Wine evening which will also be used to buy food for the food bank.  Thanks to everyone who joined in.

The next collection Sunday is November 3rd. All contributions are gratefully received but these are the items we are particularly running low on:

UHT or powdered milk - small and large sizes
long life fruit juice - small multi packs or carton
dried mashed potato
sugar - 1 kilo and 500g bags
any tinned veg
breakfast cereal
items that can be chosen as 'treats' - toiletries, tomato sauce, hot chocolate, sweets for children etc

I wish I could show you the faces of the people who receive what you bring and how much it means to them.  Trusting that God will bless you for your generosity to these people in need.

Friday, 11 October 2013


Reflections Ladies Day
Saturday 19th October at Nettle Hill, Ansty, Coventry        
Time 10 – 5 pm 
Cost £10 including Lunch, £5 for under 18’s
Be the original Reflection you are called to be !
Take time to meet ladies from across the country and hear their story of LIFE  

Email  (or ask Jacky)   

Thursday, 3 October 2013


Alpha courses made a great start with the introductory sessions in both Chesterfield and Alfreton.  It's not too late to sign up or to invite a friend along.  The first session of the course starts next Wednesday 9th October 7.30pm.  Contact Dave to register 01246 200768