Monday, 12 August 2013


Yes we did have a great time at Scarborough on Sunday and apart from one little shower it was great beach weather for most of the day, praise God! 
  A minor disaster was averted when I realised at the last minute that I'd forgotten to pick up Eileen and had to dash back to Whittington for her as the coaches arrived! 64 of us including friends and family piled into two coaches and headed north east.  In flight entertainment was courtesy of a quiz from Bev and Nick which stretched the little grey cells.

We arrived late morning and set up 'base camp' on the beach at Scarborough.  Some went up into the town to find a lunch venue but most of us had come armed with sandwiches so we could have lunch together on the beach.  Yes, there was sand in the sandwiches, but it's all part of the Brits on the beach experience that we know and love.

The sand castle competition drew two team entries.  A team of children plus a few adult helpers set about making a panorama of Scarborough including the castle and the lighthouse.  The team from the Compass had us, plus many a passer by, baffled as to what they were constructing until the very last minute - the headless sandman.  You'll need to see the picture.  After much deliberation the judges awarded the prize to the children.

Some folk had fun playing games in the arcade whilst others went shopping.  Bev wasn't sure she should have let Nick go off shopping on his own.
Dave got his game of rounders in the afternoon and as an exercise of grace insisted on letting the other team win (I think that was the reason given for not winning!).  Having burnt off the calories there was justification for the traditional fish and chips before heading back to the coaches for home.

We had a really good day as well as all the above time to chat with friends and to catch up with those we may not have seen for a while.  Lovely just to spend time having fun as a family together.