Thursday, 29 August 2013


There will no meeting at the Winding Wheel this Sunday (1st Sept) because we will be pulling together with the folk from Alfreton to make their outreach event a big success.

We'll be at Party in the Park all day with a special open air meeting at 12noon.  Come along and join in the fun.

Sunday, 25 August 2013


Big thanks to everyone in the home group who took part in the planning and preparation for this Sunday and especially to those who were able to take part on the morning.  You are all brilliant!
"As you come to Jesus, the living also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house...." 1Peter 2: 4-5
If we build on the foundation of Jesus, the Word of God, supported and strengthened by Jesus the Cornerstone what we build together will last.  Every name on our wall is someone committing to work to see the Kingdom of God established here.
The mortar that holds the bricks in place is love and forgiveness   (Trev)
Allowing God to build our character builds the Kingdom   (Moreen)
Relying on Jesus the Cornerstone when out as a Street Pastor   (Gaynor)
Watch out and fight (pray) for each other.  Pray for those who treat you badly (Mike)
God can work in the hearts of others to change situations when we do things God's way   (Ivan)

Reminder that next Sunday there is no meeting at the Winding Wheel because we will be at Party in the Park in Alfreton instead.

Saturday, 24 August 2013


Focus is a fabulous event for 9-13 year olds which runs at Quinta Hall, near Oswestry every year.  There are all sorts of fun activities, fabulous times of worship, workshops, games and a great opportunity for them to deepen or to discover their relationship with God.
Older children have the opportunity to volunteer as Teen Servers to work to make sure the younger children have a great time and inevitably have a lot of fun in the process.

This year the theme was 'History Makers' and the team names were based on people who have made a significant contribution to our history.  The children heard that in God's Kingdom we are all history makers - we are part of 'HIS (God's) story' being worked out in the earth.  To be a history maker we say 'yes' to God and listen so we can take action when he tells us what to do.

 Martyn (Awesome Astronauts) and Gill (Crazy Climbers) have been part of the leadership team since Focus began 11years ago.  Janet (Epic Explorers) has a full on job as First Aider with responsibility for administering any meds, supervising swimming sessions, running the cookery workshop and finds time to help out the on the catering team too!  Sarah (Awesome Artists) first came to Focus as a delegate and now volunteers as an adult team leader and amongst other things helps to run the dance worskshop.  Katie (Awesome Artists) and Sanchia (Incredible Inventors) have worked as teen servers, here pictured serving teas and coffees to parents as they drop their children off at Focus.  Emily (Incredible Inventors) has also been a team leader and brought the teaching at one of the evening meetings.
For more pictures including George & Lucy (Super Scientists) have a look at the album on the New Life Church Facebook page.
If you are interested in Focus 2014 get your name down early - we were fully booked early this year.  See Martyn, Gill (Alfreton), Jacky (Chesterfield) or Sarah (Clay Cross) for more information.

Thursday, 15 August 2013


 Just a reminder that the Chesterfield meeting this Sunday (18th August) will be at 6pm at The Winding Wheel.  There is no Sunday morning meeting because the building is being used for a Wedding Fair.   On Sunday 25th August we are back to our regular time of 10.30am

Tuesday, 13 August 2013



Mark getting very messy!

Gwen at the crease

Monday, 12 August 2013


Yes we did have a great time at Scarborough on Sunday and apart from one little shower it was great beach weather for most of the day, praise God! 
  A minor disaster was averted when I realised at the last minute that I'd forgotten to pick up Eileen and had to dash back to Whittington for her as the coaches arrived! 64 of us including friends and family piled into two coaches and headed north east.  In flight entertainment was courtesy of a quiz from Bev and Nick which stretched the little grey cells.

We arrived late morning and set up 'base camp' on the beach at Scarborough.  Some went up into the town to find a lunch venue but most of us had come armed with sandwiches so we could have lunch together on the beach.  Yes, there was sand in the sandwiches, but it's all part of the Brits on the beach experience that we know and love.

The sand castle competition drew two team entries.  A team of children plus a few adult helpers set about making a panorama of Scarborough including the castle and the lighthouse.  The team from the Compass had us, plus many a passer by, baffled as to what they were constructing until the very last minute - the headless sandman.  You'll need to see the picture.  After much deliberation the judges awarded the prize to the children.

Some folk had fun playing games in the arcade whilst others went shopping.  Bev wasn't sure she should have let Nick go off shopping on his own.
Dave got his game of rounders in the afternoon and as an exercise of grace insisted on letting the other team win (I think that was the reason given for not winning!).  Having burnt off the calories there was justification for the traditional fish and chips before heading back to the coaches for home.

We had a really good day as well as all the above time to chat with friends and to catch up with those we may not have seen for a while.  Lovely just to spend time having fun as a family together.


Back from India, what a fantastic time, the children in the orphanage are so happy, so full of hope, so positive, so humbling! What a privilege to be able to serve there. 


Saturday, 10 August 2013


Now that's a sand castle!

Just a reminder that we will not have a meeting at the Winding Wheel this Sunday (11th August) because we are off for a fabulous church day out in Scarborough.  Church on the beach!
It's not too late, we do still have some spaces on the coach so contact me today if you would like to come.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Hope you all have been enjoying the sun and life is good whether you are at work or sitting on the beach in the sunshine paradise of Skeggy!

We have such a great God!  It was good to hear Beth's testimony, that she felt so loved by the church through her time of grief.  Then there was Tracey so overwhelmed one Sunday by God's love that she says,
"I didn't know I could get any happier!"

Well done church! What service and workload you have undertaken at YoungStars engaging with the children in our community.  John Bown reports that you were 'exceptional' and I know some of you are continuing to support and work alongside other churches as the playscheme continues in the weeks ahead.

Looking forward to the summer and of course to the Scarborough trip this weekend.  For the more energetic amongst you - the challenge is on to find this years rounders champion!  Some of our people are currently in India working at the orphanage but due home and, no doubt, with many a tale to tell this weekend.  We have young people soon heading off to Soul Survivor and then Focus Bible Camp.  We pray for an amazing time of experiences and encounters with God for each one of them.

I pray that everyone has a really blessed summer so you are able to recharge your batteries and be refreshed and strengthened.  I pray that all may go well for you.  As you share life together - just a thought.  In all you do always remember the grace of God towards each other.  Love one another as Christ loves you.

Now, looking ahead, I'm excited at the prospect of two significant events.  The first is the BBQ in the grounds of the crooked spire on September 14th as we seek to give the gospel to 1,000 people as well as burgers and bangers.

Hot off the press!  The second event I'm excited to announce is that we have booked the Watoto African Childrens' Choir for 2014.  The choir of 22 children have literally been rescued from some terrible situations and each has a personal relationship with Jesus.  Their tour is called 'Beautiful Africa - A New Generation' and as well as singing and dancing many of the children will be sharing their testimonies with us.  They will be with us for 2 days April 26th and 27th 2014.  Should be an amazing time!

We thank God for all he is doing and live in great anticipation of much more to come.  Great growth is on the horizon!

So, finally, look for a wowcha this summer.  A wow of an experience with God and a wow in our worship for him.  Keeping our hearts faithful to our loving God and responsive to him at all times.

Dave Bunting

P.S. (from Jacky) Dave and Alison will be on holiday for the last two weeks in August.
We pray you both have a lovely, relaxing time and come back feeling refreshed too! 

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


For Charlotte the food bank was a life saver... 

21 year-old college student Charlotte had not eaten properly for weeks and could not afford gas to heat her flat when she came to the foodbank in January. After leaving state care she was determined to make something of her life and was funding herself through college. Working two evening jobs to make ends meet, she was made redundant from both within a month. As a 21-year-old in full time education with no children she did not qualify for benefits. She sold everything she had and, with nowhere else to turn, she asked her local councillor for help; they referred her to the foodbank. When she arrived she was ill, dehydrated and in the first stages of malnutrition. For Charlotte, the foodbank was a life saver. She says she has no idea what she would have done without it. She was so impressed by the support she received that she began volunteering at the foodbank.

Couple forced to borrow soup to feed 18-month-old daughter

When temperatures plummet in winter, foodbank clients across the UK are often forced to choose between eating and heating. For Anne-Marie and Danny, 22, a delay in benefits hit at the same time as Danny was off work with flu. He received no sick pay and finances got so tight that they were faced with eviction as well as having no money for food.
The couple and their 18-month-old daughter, Tia, were living and sleeping in one room to reduce heating bills. They resorted to borrowing a tin of soup from their neighbours to stop little Tia going hungry. When the foodbank delivered an emergency foodbox to the delighted family there was ice on the inside of their windows.
‘I don't know what we would have done next if it wasn’t for the foodbank' says Danny.

Hillingdon foodbank helps homeless Afghanistan hero

Lieutenant Kieran McCrystal, 25, walked barefoot to Hillingdon foodbank after his life fell apart due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder following his time serving in Afghanistan. Coming to the foodbank has turned his life around.
On leaving the army, Kieran struggled to find a job and was evicted from his house after spending his life savings on rent, too proud to claim benefits. A new father, his PTSD forced him to split with the mother of his child, whom he had been saving up to marry. After spending two weeks on the streets, Lieutenant McCrystal, decided that he had to turn his life around. He went to the YMCA who provided temporary accommodation, but Kieran still needed food and was pointed to Hillingdon foodbank in Uxbridge for help.
The foodbank highlighted his predicament through their local newspaper.
Within 24 hours, Lt McCrystal was placed in accommodation. Now all he is seeking to complete his turnaround, is a job.

Skipping school to avoid embarrassment of no lunch money

A primary school boy from Gloucester stopped attending school recently because he could not face the embarrassment of having no money for lunch. On visiting his home to deliver a foodbank parcel, the school’s liaison officer discovered there was no food, except a little oats and milk. The mother’s purse was empty. The mother of two explained that her husband had left her and that the benefits were in his name. He had not been contributing towards child care since leaving and when she informed the Benefits Agency all benefits were stopped, including child benefit, because of her ‘change in circumstances’. The support worker estimated that it would take two to four months for the benefits to be re-assessed.
Officially, additional benefits like free school meals are not available to children unless parents can prove that they are in receipt of benefits. Fortunately, the foodbank was able to step in to help, enabling the boy to return to school.

Read these and more real life stories at the official website for Trussell Trust


It's been quite a busy week so I've only just got around to unpacking from my car all the food donations you brought on Sunday for the Food Bank in Chesterfield. I was in Alfreton on Sunday then Ivan and Barbara kindly loaded it all in to my car for me so it wasn't until today that I really got to see how much there actually was.  I'm stunned and really blessed by your generosity.

In June I took 26 kilos of food to the Gates for distribution and in July it was 25 kilos which went to the Loundsley Green Centre.   On Friday I will be taking just over 51 kilos of food and other essentials to Loundsley Green.  That equates to enough food to keep two families going for three days in a time of crisis.

Last time I went to help at the food bank a young mum asked if we had anything for her baby.  Sadly there was nothing we could offer beyond the usual bags of food.  So I was really pleased to see that NLC have given lots of baby food, powdered milk, nappies and baby wipes which means this time we will have some help to offer.

People who come to the food bank have been referred to us by local agencies such as Action Housing or Childrens' Services who work closely with the clients and know their need is genuine.  There was the odd comment at the food collection at Asda this Saturday that the people who come to us are 'scroungers' who waste their money on 'bingo and McDonalds'.  The statistics from Trussell Trust prove the exact opposite to be the truth:

"Only four per cent of people turned to foodbanks due to homelessness; 30% were referred due to benefit delay; 18% low income and 15% benefit changes (up from 11% in 2011-12). Other reasons included domestic violence, sickness, refused crisis loans, debt and unemployment. The majority of people turning to foodbanks were working age families. Over 15,000 frontline care professionals such as doctors, social workers, schools liaison officers and Jobcentre Plus referred their clients to foodbanks in 2012-13."
(Data from

Thank you so much for all your giving.  I know it's not why we do it, but the promise of God is the release of his blessing into the church as we sow what we have into the lives of those in need where we live. Why? To enable us to be even more generous just like our heavenly Father!



Monday, 5 August 2013


Community YoungStars is a children's summer holiday play scheme that runs for the whole six weeks.  Volunteers from local churches work in partnership together with the local Police and the Community Safety Partnership.

Our volunteers loved the first week so much that, those who were able to, helped last week and have returned this week too!

We have over 150 children now registered with us this year and we are averaging 30+ children at the morning sessions.

It's great fun, with sports activities (weather permitting), craft activities, Mike's magic tricks and quizzes and all sorts of other things.  Volunteers are still needed for the last 3 weeks.  Please let me know if you are available to come and help for a day or for a week.

Sunday, 4 August 2013


Gill Rowe received a text update from Martyn this morning all the way from India.  Much prayer had gone into his preach this morning wanting it to be the right word for that meeting. At the end 10 people raised their hands to ask Jesus into their lives.  How fantastic!

The next part of the message we think said that there had also been 10-15 people who had responded the previous Sunday.

Martyn had to deal with a snake in the accomodation block.  Only 1ft long but a snake of any size is still a snake!

Please pray for Annie Utting (Alfreton) and Tom Pettinger (Keighley) who are both suffering with upset tums. Also for Martyn who has fainted twice (heat?) that it won't happen again.

They all now have a couple of rest days when they will be visiting the Taj Mahal and chilling out.

Thursday, 1 August 2013


Please pray for our team of volunteers who have gone out to work at the Sharonsthan children's orphanage this summer. As well as those from NLC the team is made up from friends from the church in Keighley. We'll hear all the details when they return but we do know they are working very hard over long days and dealing with all kinds of challenges both personal and spiritual.

Ask God to strengthen their physical bodies, keep them all fit and heathy and continually fill them with his Holy Spirit to enable them to complete every task they set their minds to.  Pray that they will be a blessing to the children and christians who work faithfully there and that they themselves will receive great encouragement from the children.

They will return to the UK the day before we head off to Scarborough.



Leaving Work
The first two weeks of July were my last weeks at work.  It was really sad to say goodbye to all of the children and teenagers and staff that I have been working with here.  It's hard to be leaving them, especially one group of teenage girls who have really begun to open up to me and we were able to start a Bible study together.  I'm really grateful to know the great work of Rebusca will carry on here and will keep praying for this project and these young people.

From the 16th-20th July we were together in Rio with all of the Latin Link Brazil team for a conference - good teaching, good time of refreshment and really good to meet lots of missionaries working in all kinds of projects all over Brasil and hear about the amazing things God is doing.  It was a really encouraging time  and has given me lots to think and pray about with regards to the future.

My project, Rebusca, is still closed for winter break, so after conference, I spent a couple of days in Rio with Hannah which was really fun.  We then travelled up North to a city called Belem to visit one of our best friends from CEM.  It was an amazing week and I am so grateful for all the opportunities that I've had to travel here in Brasil - it has enabled me to get a bit more of an idea of what Brasil is like as a whole - even though it's so massive and so varied!!

Coming Home
I travel home to England a week today leaving Vicosa on the 8th August.  I can't believe how quickly time has flown by!  I've got really mixed feelings about coming home - I'm super excited to see family and Patrick and friends again and also have always felt quite aware that this was a short-term project.  On the other hand I am really sad to be leaving Brasil.  I'll be leaving behind an amazing work project, really close friends, church and also what just has become normal life.  I feel that God has really put this amazing country on my heart so hopefully it won't be the last time I am here!

Thank You
Thank you all so much for your prayers and encouragement over the past 6 months - it's been amazing and I feel so blessed.  I've grown so much in God and learnt so much about him and love him more than I did when I came here.  Thank you God and thank you friends.

Thank God for:
An incredible 6 months of learning, growing and serving here in Brasil.
Huge improvement in my Portuguese!
Great support from everyone at home
Everything that He's been doing especially through Rebusca and ABU

Please pray for:
The continued work here in Vicosa and Brasil in general!
Direction for what I am going to do after uni.
Safe trip home and to settle quickly back into life there.

Loads of love